Medical Transcription Week 2019

It’s Medical Transcription Week!

From May 19th to May 25th we get to celebrate YOU during Medical Transcription Week! Medical Transcriptionists play such an important role in the medical industry, that they deserve a full week!

Start the celebrations off by changing your Facebook Profile Picture! Click here to get an updated temporary banner on top of your profile!Medical Transcription Week 2019
Before we get to the contests, can we just say thank you? Thank you for all of the work you put in to ensure our families, and our friends have the correct medical records. The work you do, every. single. day. is so important.

Medical Transcriptionists play a crucial role in the daily lives of any person who visits a physician, but career is hidden in the background and known about by very few people. Accurate and precise work is critical to the success of the job, and the safety of the patients.

When Did Medical Transcription Week Start?

34 years ago! All the way back in 1985, by a fellow named President Ronald Reagan. Woah, that makes us feel… older? Medical Transcription Week and the Medical Transcription Industry was recognized 34 years ago by the President of the United States. Today, #MTWeek is celebrated across the planet, and for good reason!

Didn’t We Say Medical Transcription Week Contests Earlier?

Sure did! We will be giving away gift cards, a Coach purse, and AHDI Virtual Conference registrations! Keizer Solutions, one of CanScribe’s employment partners have joined the cause and is donating gift cards as well.

To enter, you will have to follow the instructions which will be populated below! Prizes will be given away in the following schedule:

Monday at 5 pm  –  Tuesday at 10 am  –  Wednesday at 8 am  –  Thursday at 10 am –  Friday at 10 am 

Follow the instructions below or in the email, you receive to enter to win some great prizes!

#MTWeek – Day 1

Congrats Bianca H. on your win!!

#MTWeek – Day 2

And the winners are…. Chelsea W. and Tanya H.!!! Congrats!

#MTWeek – Day 3

#MTWeek – Day 4

Congrats to Denise H.

#MTWeek – Day 5

The grand prize winner is… Trish H.!! Congrats!