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Learn all about the human body and the specialized language used in the healthcare field with CanScribe’s Medical Terminology program

16 Week Hands-On Medical Terminology Program

The healthcare and medical professions have their own vocabulary, a specialized language that allows for quick and efficient communication between its members while minimizing potential misunderstandings. This medical terminology program looks to help you fill the gap!

Whether you are new to the medical profession or need a refresher class, we have a medical terminology program that will give you the boost you are looking for to further your career!

In this 16-week Medical Terminology program, we will cover the medical language and terminology used by healthcare professionals everywhere.

If you’re interested in pursuing a healthcare career and need the ability to communicate with medical professionals, you will find this program a perfect fit by providing you with a solid foundation in medical language.


Upon completion of this program , the student should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of medical terminology and the proper use of medical language for interacting with professionals and performing medical tasks
  • Analyze basic medical root words, prefixes, suffixes and their meanings
  • Pronounce medical terms correctly
  • Identify common medical disorders and their associated symptoms for each body system
  • Interpret medical treatments and common abbreviations and acronyms
  • Define common terms related to diseases
  • Define common pharmacological terms
  • Recite common laboratory and diagnostic terms
  • Achieve 70% or higher on program assignments and chapter tests
  • Score 75% or higher on the final exam

This program does not require approval through PTIB.

All activities and exams throughout the program are open book, meaning the student can use the resources and curriculum to aid them in the testing environment.

Chapter 1 – Terminology Basics
Chapter 2 – Structures of the Body, Movement & Color
Chapter 3 – Integumentary System
Chapter 4 – Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 5 – Cardiovascular System
Chapter 6 – Hematology, Lymphatic and Immune System, and Oncology
Chapter 7 – Respiratory System
Chapter 8 – Nervous System & Behavioral Health
Chapter 9 – Endocrine System
Chapter 10 – Special Senses
Chapter 11 – Digestive System
Chapter 12 – Genitourinary System
Chapter 13 – Reproductive System
Chapter 14 – Obstetrics & Neonatology
Chapter 15 – Pediatrics
Chapter 16 – Pharmacology
Chapter 17 – Diagnostic Data


The cost of the Online Medical Terminology program is only $550.00. We accept Visa, MasterCard, certified cheques and money orders.

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A Medical Terminology Program can open doors you never thought possible; for example, you can become a Medical Transcriptionist. You can upgrade your skills and become an MT/HDS or a Virtual Scribe. These careers allow you to work from home. You can also find employment working in clinics and hospitals.

Start your new future with Medical Terminology training. If you decided to come back and expand your skills, you will receive a 20% tuition discount, which means you get almost all of your Medical Terminology tuition back!

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