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Learn all about medical terminology and how to produce reports that will become part of a patient's legal medical record with CanScribe’s Virtual Scribe Course

19 Week Virtual Scribe Course

If you want a career with a lot of flexibility—working as few or as many hours per week as you like, whenever you want—training to become a Virtual Scribe could be just what you need.

We provide all the knowledge and support you need to get trained and get working as quickly as possible. Our strong industry connections play a major role in that. Our entire program is both reviewed and created with input from employers you will work for!

CanScribe Career College is Best Choice for a Virtual Scribe Course

CanScribe has the #1 employer recommended training program and you can get all of your training online in less than a year.

We are the only school in Canada to have its MT/HDS program approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), so our students are sure to receive a top-quality educational experience.

What is a Virtual Scribe?

Virtual Scribes can be employed at a hospital, clinic, lab or doctor’s office, but their work is often done from home.

The virtual scribe program will prepare the student to produce reports that will become part of the patient’s legal medical record. These will include medical histories, discharge summaries, physical examination reports, diagnostic imaging studies, consultation reports, referral letters, SOAP notes, and other documents. These reports are important because they serve as the foundation for ongoing clinical decision-making, continuity of care, and risk management.

Can I graduate faster?

Absolutely! One of the best parts about our Virtual Scribe Course is that you can complete it at your pace. This means you can graduate in as little as three months. If you believe you have enough knowledge in a certain area, you can attempt the quiz, and move ahead; there is nothing holding you back from completing your Virtual Scribe Course faster.


  • Access to all CanScribe staff via email, Live Support and toll-free phone numbers
  • Training following a current and relevant industry-approved curriculum
  • Program hosted on D2L, a state-of-the-art Learning Management System
  • Unique grade book that records all tests, transcription/SR reports and exams
  • Automated text comparison of transcription reports, showing any differences for easy assessment
  • All reference materials supplied at no extra cost
  • Access to staff, students and graduates via webinars, chats and forums
  • Scheduled webinars with CanScribe staff and guest speakers
  • Regular follow-ups to ensure your learning outcomes
  • All exams are instructor graded
  • Unlimited job placement assistance
  • Contacts with employers based throughout North America and Australia
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Tuition receipt for income tax purposes
  • Third-party funding and student loans may be available

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training


The cost of the CanScribe Career College Online Virtual Scribe Course is only $1650.00, all-inclusive. We offer a three month payment plan. We accept Visa, MasterCard, certified cheques, and money orders.

Application Fee: $250.00
Assessment Fee: $250.00
Tuition Fee: $900.00
Administrative Fee: $250.00
Total: $1650.00


eBook Upgrade – $250

The program curriculum downloaded to your e-reader or tablet; allowing you to study your program while you are away from your computer or on the go!


Assessment Fee: $250.00
Tuition Fee: $900.00
Administrative Fee: $250.00
Application Fee: $250.00
eBook Upgrade: $250.00
Total: $1900.00


3 Months – No Upgrades

$850 down and 2 equal payments of $450.00 (includes a $100 processing fee).


CanScribe has partnered with LoanConnect to offer students a wide variety of loans. Submit a quick application and receive multiple loan offers. Click here to apply!


If you take the program on campus, everything is provided.

If you take the program as distance learning, you will need a Windows PC, which is the standard in the Virtual Scribe workforce, and Internet access with Javascript and cookies enabled. You cannot use a tablet/notebook or Apple computer. The recommended OS is Windows 10. Windows 7 or earlier is not supported.

We also recommend that you use the latest version of either Firefox or Chrome as your browser.


It is recommended that you have high-speed internet access. This is not a requirement to take the program, but if you are interested in working from home, all employers require high-speed Internet. This means you have a download speed of 15 megabits per second and an upload speed of 5 megabits per second.


Students in the Virtual Scribe course must have a minimum typing speed of 40 net-words-per-minute and pass an entry level grammar assessment. Students must also be a mature student, 19+, or have a high school diploma.

How's the job market for Virtual Scribes?

There is currently a huge demand for CanScribe Virtual Scribe graduates. Our Virtual Scribe course was created in coordination with AQuity Solutions. AQuity needs to fill 1,000 Virtual Scribe positions every year, which means the demand for this job is high! Employment rates of Virtual Scribes are projected to grow even faster than the average over the next few years.

Because of CanScribe’s reputation in the Virtual Scribe industry, 88% of our grads find employment within the first two weeks after graduating. Our grads are in such high demand that we cannot keep up with employer requests from companies such as iMedX, Keizer Solutions, and AQuity, just to name a few.

How long will the program take?

The program is approximately 19 weeks in length. Students are recommended to work on the program 22 hours per week to graduate on time.

However, you can work at your own pace and complete the program in a faster timeline. Students who have previous medical experience can often finish much faster. After completion of the program, you will become fully qualified to work as a professional Virtual Scribe.

What if I need more than 19 weeks?

Students are able to purchase extensions gives them more time in their program. These extensions are available to all students, however; students who receive government or third-party funding may be required to finish the program on the original schedule.

What does a Virtual Scribe do?

A job as a Virtual Scribe appears a little like an assistant job. A Virtual Scribe sits in virtually with the doctor in real-time and types out the interaction between the patient and doctor, recording the interaction for the patient health record. A Virtual Scribe’s job is to reduce doctor burn out, decrease time the doctor spends on filling out forms and paperwork, and supports the physician to focus on increasing one-on-one patient time.

What is the advantage to being a Virtual Scribe?

A Virtual Scribe listens to the patient and doctor interaction through video conferencing or phone from your own home. For the doctor the medical practice, this means a greater sense of privacy and flexible service. For the patient, it means more accurate documentation of their file. For the Virtual Scribe, it means an employee wage where you can work from home and contribute to the healthcare field and help to improve and save patient lives.

Do Virtual Scribes get paid as employees or contractors?

Virtual Scribes are paid as employees, rather than as contractors.

What is the eBook Upgrade?

The eBook Upgrade is a digital version of the program curriculum which can be downloaded onto a tablet or laptop. This allows the student to continue their studies when you happen to be away from the computer.

The eBook Upgrade is an optional upgrade to the program and is not required for successful completion. If you are interested in purchasing the eBook Upgrade, please contact CanScribe via email at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-800-466-1535.

What skills do you need as a Virtual Scribe?

An interest in the healthcare field, a desire to learn, and average typing skills. If you’re worried about your typing skills, we provide training to help increase your typing accuracy and speed.

I’m a Medical Transcriptionist. Do I need to take this course to get a Virtual Scribe job?

AQuity does employ Medical Transcriptionists, and they have hired MT's as Virtual Scribes. However, this course was created hand-in-hand with AQuity Solutions and is tailored to the Virtual Scribe role and what AQuity requires for the job.

Virtual Scribe Course Curriculum

The most up-to-date content in the industry, created from input from the employers you will graduate and apply with.


By submitting this form, you are giving your express written consent for CanScribe Career College to contact you regarding our programs via email, telephone, and/or text. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Becoming a Virtual Scribe

Quality training will be the key to your success as a Virtual Scribe and CanScribe graduates are highly sought after by employers throughout the industry. This program includes focused training in keyboarding, computer fundamentals, grammar and punctuation, medical terminology, and includes anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, active listening, critical thinking, and professional development. The program also provides students with an introduction to real-world technology.

Students have 19 weeks to complete the Virtual Scribe course (extensions may be available) and you can study in the privacy of your own home or learn on campus in Kelowna.

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