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I would 100% recommend CanScribe.

Not only am I able to work on school at my own pace and on my own schedule, the CanScribe team provides more support than I originally expected. The instructors are easy to get a hold of, there are multiple ways to get a hold of someone if you need help and the college checks in on you on almost a weekly basis to see how you are doing.

Going into this program (Medical Transcription), I wasn’t expecting the amount of support to be quite this high. I’m used to online learning so I didn’t think I would need it, but I’m finding myself using their services often. If you are nervous about starting online learning, I would definitely recommend giving them a call. Their staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. They’ll help you figure out if online learning is right for you.

I look forward to working on my school work every morning. I find the online learning platform stress free and easy to use. I also feel confident that I will be able to find work after I’m done with the program since I know I will be supported by the CanScribe team even after I graduate.

Gabrielle St-Denis, Current Student

I have recently begun my course in Medical Transcribing. I am enjoying the challenge and excited for the chance to be a part of the medical profession. The on-line counselors are extremely helpful, and my main Student Rep contact is supportive and very patient, which is refreshing. I would recommend any course provided by CanScribe College.

Dawn Curry, Current Student

Honestly, this has been the best experience I have ever had with an online course. Help was so quickly available as opposed to any college or university course I have taken.

Jane Janssen, 2019 Graduate

I am sharing because only my husband understands my excitement and I know some of you will too. I am SO thankful I found CanScribe! My dream has always been to be a mom first and foremost. Yet, there has always been a part that still would like to work but I do not want to leave my house. The longer I am in this course the more I love it. With each new challenge along the way, I am able to push myself further than I thought. Nothing is worth achieving unless there is a little work involved. Once I am finished I can continue to live my stay-at-home-working-mommy dream! (currently working part-time outside the home and employed by my 3-year-old and 1-year-old they keep me the busiest) So, although I have been sick as a dog for a week and have not been able to do the work I need to do I am ready today to push out as much school as I can… before the kiddos awake and destroy the house… Onward and Upward!

Emily Steinke, Current Student

Thank you so much for everything you and everyone at CanScribe have done for me this past year.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend CanScribe and would definitely recommend it to others.  I have felt incredibly valued and supported throughout my training, and feel very fortunate that I will be moving on to work with NTS very soon.

Aiko Hall, 2019 Graduate

I took the course while on maternity leave and was able to complete the course in 11 months while having a one-year-old and a newborn baby at home.  I found the CanScribe course very well structured and appreciated being able to complete the course at the times and dates that worked for my family’s schedule.

I was fortunate enough to qualify for an external practicum and on the third day of my practicum, my practicum supervisor asked me if I would like to work for them once I have completed the course.  I said “yes please” and was able to start my job with them within one week of completing the course.  I am transcribing part-time while maintaining employment with my previous employer but only on a part-time basis instead of full time.  My goal is to transcribe on a full-time basis.  I am grateful for all the help I received from the staff at CanScribe and love working from home during the hours that work best for my family.

Tina Kidd, 2019 Graduate

My relationship with CanScribe began 5 years ago when I decided to take the MT/HDS program. I anticipated this program would be easy. I mean really, how hard is it to just type what you hear?  It was not long after I started the course that I realized typing what I heard was actually more difficult than anticipated.

I had started the program when my daughter was only 4 months.  I was doing really well.  Until I wasn’t.  I felt withdrawn from the program. I was struggling and had too much pride to ask for help. I avoided contact with the  school when they would call and was on the verge of withdrawing because I had fallen so far behind that there was no hope in catching myself up. Until one day, my phone rang, and it was the school. For the first time, I answered it. The instructor on the other end of that phone call was so understanding and knew exactly what I was going through because she had been in the same position as I was at that very moment.

She reassured me that I could do this, but it was not going to be easy.  She also assured me that she and the instructional team would assist me all the way, but I had to put in the work, read the feedback, do the self-assessments, and dedicate myself completely.  Now, here I am; I graduated with honors, got my 2 years completed in the field, and was hired on with CanScribe almost a year ago.

I am proud to say that instructor who called me is still with CanScribe today. The instructional team is here, you just have to reach out or respond to them when they reach out to you. Stay focused and do the work, ask all the questions, read all of the feedback!  You can do this!

Michelle Courtemanche, Current EA and 2015 Graduate

CanScribe has greatly changed my life. I was looking for a career change and was introduced to the MT industry by my sister-in-law, a 20+ year MT. She insisted that if I decided to pursue this career that I enroll with CanScribe, the most highly recommended accredited career college for this industry. After doing extensive research, I did just that, I enrolled with CanScribe. I began the course in December 2004 and 9 months later graduated with high honours. Since then, I worked for numerous clinics in Canada, the United States, and England. I also worked as a QA editor and team leader for various MTSOs. When a QA position became available with CanScribe in 2009, I applied for that and have been working with this great college ever since.

I have seen many wonderful upgrades and changes to the MT/HDS program in the 9+ years I have been here, with yet more upgrades coming up in the near future. I have come full circle with CanScribe having been a student, graduate, QA editor, instructor, lead instructor, and now instructional department manager. CanScribe has given me the opportunity to take numerous courses to help me improve upon my personal and professional skills and goals. I truly believe that anyone who is interested in the medical transcription industry should seriously consider taking the CanScribe MT/HDS program. This is a wonderful college that ensures students get all the assistance and support they require both during the program as well as in the working environment.

Deb Albert-Palmer, CanScribe Lead Instructor and 2006 Graduate

The choice to take the CanScribe course and enter the medical transcription field has been a perfect fit for my life.  I enjoy the flexibility and the ability to work from home.  The medical field has always been interesting to me, and now I can be a part of it.

At one point during the course, I hit a wall and thought I would never be able to succeed.  That is when an instructor stepped in and gave me the encouragement I needed to continue.  I was able to get back on track and later graduated with High Honors.

I was hired immediately after graduation, and during the application process, I could see that CanScribe had an unmatched reputation in the field. After a few years of experience, I was delighted to accept a role as an Educational Assistant at CanScribe. I enjoy helping other students succeed, as that instructor did for me years ago.

If you are going to enter the medical transcription field, I truly believe that this is the course to take.

Colleen Thomson, CanScribe Educational Assistant and 2011 Graduate

Taking the course of medical transcriptionist at CanScribe was truly the best decision I could have ever made.  It was an amazing course that gave me every example of what I might face in the real world, so it did challenge me, but that was a good thing.  My instructors were amazing, so helpful, kind, and patient.  As soon as I graduated, I literally had a job offer the next week.  When companies see that I graduated from CanScribe, they are very impressed by that.  A lot of companies have a lot of respect for CanScribe and look forward to hiring graduates from the college, at least from my experience.  I literally just got hired for another transcriptionist position as of yesterday, and again, CanScribe played a huge roll in that.  Not only do I work as a transcriptionist, I also work for the college itself as an educational assistant, which I am so grateful for.   What more could I ask for than the opportunity to work for the college that helped me so much along the way, and changed my life?  Thanks CanScribe for everything.

Harjeet Mukkar, CanScribe Educational Assistant and 2013 Graduate
Joanne McMillan
Joanne McMillan
20:48 18 Mar 19
CanScribe Career College is a top-notch school to enroll in if you are looking to be a Medical Transcriptionist. The program covers an elaborate number of subjects that are covered in-depth and it definitely prepares you to graduate as a fully-qualified MT. I am so very impressed with the support system available to the student as you work your way through the course. A phone call, an email, or an online chat are a few of the support measures made available when you are looking for some guidance. I am pleased that I have enrolled in this college, and I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a career as an MT to apply to the CanScribe College more
Cassidy Repay
Cassidy Repay
19:29 18 Mar 19
The course is well organized and easy to follow along with, as well the instructors are easy to get a hold of if you have any issues.
Amie Cormier
Amie Cormier
15:12 15 Mar 19
Amazing school that allows me to study on my own time and at my own pace and is preparing me for a job I can do in my pajamas! What's better than that??
Gail Lavigne
Gail Lavigne
16:35 04 Mar 19
Wow, a huge learning curve for me being 55 years of age. I absolutely love the MT and Health Documentation Course. I'm learning so much!! I consider it to be a healthy challenge and would very much encourage anyone to join in the learning.
Wanda B
Wanda B
18:25 01 Feb 19
I am so very happy I chose CanScribe College for my training. I KNOW I am going to succeed! My "Dream Job" is waiting and CanScribe is making my dream come true. I would recommend everyone look into this college; they have so much to offer.
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