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Our Faculity of Commerce is Designed to Help You Grow Your Business Career

The world keeps on changing and the career landscape right along with it. One of the big changes has been a dramatic shift to online work. That means freedom for a lot of people who prefer not to be tied down to a job in an office, in other words, working the old 9-to-5. In many cases, there are online programs you can take to help you work from home!

Our business and commerce programs are designed to teach you how to build a career online, or in an office. It's your choice.

With open enrollment, you decide when you start your training.

We can all benefit from having flexibility in our schedules. So, we can organize our time in a way that works for us. Our Faculty of Commerce is designed to help you find a new career, faster.

Online Programs and Courses

Flexibility. Our Faculty of Commerce is dedicated to providing online training that fits all student's schedules. With self-paced learning available 24/7, students are set up for success. Students are also provided direct access to instructors via live chat, email, and phone.

Depending on your needs, where you’re at in life right now, and the types of experiences you bring with you, we have a program that will set you up for a lifetime of success and happiness. You deserve to love what you do for a living.

CanScribe was the first online Canadian college to receive their designation through PTIB, formerly known as PCTIA. Have trust in a college that is held to the highest educational standard.

CanScribe is also an award winning college. Award winning instructors, staff, students, and the college as a whole. Get the training you deserve.

Faculty of Commerce Programs and Courses

Get the Skills for a Professional Career

Faculty of Business - Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

In a virtual world, it is important that you have a strong understanding of a wide variety of topics. This Virtual Assistant course trains you to work from home building a career you'll love. Gain strong marketing, human resources, computer, accounting, and project management skills, to make yourself more hireable or so you can start your own Virtual Assistant business.
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Virtual Scribe Course 2

Micro-Course Collection

Think of Masterclass, but with job related training. Our Micro-Course Collection (MCC) is updated monthly with new courses and webinars. Join live webinars, taking courses as your leisure, and take practice quizzes to test your knowledge, for a low-monthly price.
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Learn More Online College Course - Personal Financial Planning 1

Personal Financial Planning

RRSP, TFSA, stocks, bonds, investments, loans, GIC; understanding all of it can be difficult. Reducing debt and gaining wealth can be even harder. This Personal Financial Planning course is designed to show you how to reduce debt, gain wealth, and build a strong understanding of all sorts of investments. With lifetime access, with constantly updated content, you have nothing to lose but your debt.
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