Are You Curious About CanScribe’s Medical Transcription Hiring Rates?


Are you curious about CanScribe’s Medical Transcription Hiring Rates?

One of the largest organizations in Medical Transcription is continuously looking for CanScribe graduates.

While most employers require 2-5 years of experience when hiring Medical Transcriptionists, CanScribe graduates are finding success immediately upon graduation.


First of all, CanScribe is accredited with AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity). In fact, CanScribe is the only school for Medical Transcription in Canada that received accreditation and has one of the best Medical Transcription hiring rates in the industry.

Second of all, CanScribe has partnered with major Medical Transcription employers throughout North America and Australia to offer students a 100-hour practicum at the end of the program. The practicum allows students to earn real hands-on experience with the best in the industry. In fact, 88% of graduates end up getting employment right out of their practicum! Thus, For CanScribe students, the transition between graduation and employment is seamless.

Tina Kidd, who graduated in 2019 said the following:

“I took the course while on maternity leave and was able to complete the course in 11 months while having a one-year-old and a newborn baby at home.  I found the CanScribe course very well structured and appreciated being able to complete the course at the times and dates that worked for my family’s schedule.

She then continued to say:

I was fortunate enough to qualify for an external practicum and on the third day of my practicum, my practicum supervisor asked me if I would like to work for them once I have completed the course.  I said “yes please” and was able to start my job with them within one week of completing the course.  I am transcribing part-time while maintaining employment with my previous employer but only on a part-time basis instead of full time.  My goal is to transcribe on a full-time basis.  I am grateful for all the help I received from the staff at CanScribe and love working from home during the hours that work best for my family.”

M*Modal (AQuity)

CanScribe graduates currently hold a 97% hiring rate with M*Modal (AQuity). No, this isn’t a typo; CanScribe graduates are recognized as the best trained Medical Transcriptionists in the industry.

Don’t believe us? Listen to what Noel Tauzin, Vice President of Worldwide Operations at M*Modal has to say:

New Jobs

In Canada alone, there are projected to be another 5000 new jobs created in Transcription and Healthcare Documentation by 2026 in part because of the large number of people set to retire.

Fact: Medical Transcription in Canada cannot be outsourced. This means that your medical reports, cannot leave our virtual borders. At the beginning of 2019, CanScribe was asked by both iMedX Australia, and Keizer Solutions for 100 Medical Transcriptionists each. With M*Modal (AQuity), Nuance, NTS, GTS, Swift Charts, and various hospitals asking CanScribe for more graduates every month, we simply cannot keep up with demand.

Medical Transcription Training

How do you choose which course to take? There are different colleges offering programs with the same name. Does price matter? Sure, but are you willing to trade price for quality? What about student support? All of these things should factor into your decision making. We asked Jane Janssen, a 2019 CanScribe graduate, about her experience with CanScribe’s Medical Transcription Course…

“Honestly, this has been the best experience I have ever had with an online course. Help was so quickly available as opposed to any college or university course I have taken.”

Create your own schedule, start a new career, and make a difference as a Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialist.  Ready to Dive into a New Career