CanScribe Giving Back

Part of CanScribe's mission statement is, "CanScribe supports programs and initiatives, both locally and internationally, positively impacting the world around us." It is important to everyone at CanScribe that we support our students and graduates, along with our local and global communities. CanScribe giving back to our local communities is truly a part of our core values. CanScribe has an internal donation match project to support our team in their charitable donations. This program matches donations made to charitable organizations as selected by the team member. Below you can learn more about the initiatives CanScribe and its team supports.

How Our Organization Gives Back

Her International

CanScribe supports Her International, an organization that helps women succeed in many areas; from business to education and learning. Below are some images of a school that was built in Nepal, with the help of many generous donors and volunteers, including our own CEO, Colleen Chapman, and our Curriculum Development Manager, Jamie Podmorow. CanScribe also supports Her International's microloan project to assist women in starting their own businesses in Nepal.

Random Acts of Kindness

Annually, CanScribe supports its own Random Acts of Kindness. Over the years this has come in many different forms. Most recently, during the pandemic, each team member was tasked with surprising a random person with a large cash donation. Some people left $100 tips for a $20 meal, others anonymously paid for other's groceries at the store. This program created internally is to support our local communities across Canada.

April, 2021 | Feeding In-Need Families in Pakistan

In April of 2021, CanScribe provided support and food hampers to 100 families in need, in Pakistan. As the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, this donation is aimed to help those most in need.
Food hampers in Pakistan
Food hampers created for 100 needy families.
Fresh food in Pakistan
Fresh fruit and vegetables going to need families.

May, 2021 | Feeding In-Need Families in Nepal

In May of 2021, CanScribe donated $2,500 in support, or 238,178.60 Nepalese Rupees to assist approximately 125 families purchase rice, lentils, cooking oil, and salt. Nepal has been hit extremely hard in the second waive of COVID-19. With a stay-at-home order in place, this donation is designed to help these families in need stay at home, and stay safe.
Nepal Giving Back 1
Nepal Giving Back 2

Who Our Team Gives Back To

CanScribe's donation match program has been in effect for years. Here are some of the amazing donations our team members every year!
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