CanScribe Giving Back

It is important to everyone at CanScribe that we support our students and graduates, along with our local and global communities. CanScribe giving back to our local communities is truly a part of our core values. CanScribe has an internal donation match project to support our team in their charitable donations. This program matches donations made to charitable organizations as selected by the team member. Below you can learn more about the initiatives CanScribe and its team supports.

July, 2023 | Micro-Loan Story

We formed the Samraxn Mother Group, a group of 60 women in our village. None of us had enough food or clothing when we joined the group. Yet, despite our circumstances, we felt a sense of freedom and happiness. A devastating fire destroyed our village's food and clothing five years ago. As a result, the mother group became a place where we provided care and support to those who had been burned, applying ointment to their wounds.

I'd like to share a bit about my journey with the Samraxn Mother Group. My name is Mrs. Durpati Chaudhary, and I'm 48 years old. When I joined the group in 2013, I wasn't sure what to expect. I hadn't had much exposure to new ideas or meeting new people before. But with the support of some friends, I decided to stick around and see what the group had to offer. And I'm so glad I did! The potential of the mother group really sparked my interest and has led me on a transformative journey ever since.

As a group of women, we found comfort and encouragement within the mother group. It was a safe place where we could openly share our struggles and sorrows. I felt brave enough to speak up about things I had kept hidden for years. Even though we worked hard throughout the month, we were given a day or two of rest, which made a huge difference in our mental well-being and helped us feel stronger and healthier.

As we gained more confidence and independence, we even scared off moneylenders, and even those who had previously treated women badly began to fear us. It's amazing how a little bit of support and empowerment can truly make a big difference.

The mother group provided us with education opportunities, including literacy classes and lessons on entrepreneurship, women's rights, equality, and human rights. Inspired by these teachings, I decided to pursue business. Initially, I took out loans to feed my family, but eventually, I used them to start my own business.

Presently, I have borrowed Rs. 50,000, which I invested in raising goats and pigs and cultivating crops during the season. I also engage in occasional labor work. Gradually, I plan to expand my goat breeding business. This venture has greatly assisted me in managing household expenses, and I am immensely satisfied with my progress. I am grateful to everyone who supported and aided me along the way.

Thank you to all who have helped me on this remarkable journey of empowerment and transformation.

May, 2023 | Micro-Loan Story

Gyanu Chaudhary is a member of the Purnima Mothers' Group (MG). She is 35 years old, married, and has a son and daughter. Before Gyanu joined the mothers' group, she had no idea what it was all about. She recalls washing dishes every day in the village at the home of a wealthy man and returning home at night.

“No matter how much I worked in the past, I used to earn for others; now I earn all for myself. I have been able to save for myself and increase my wealth. I'm proud of the fact that I'm building my future on my own terms.”

Gyanu has learned many ideas about saving, borrowing, and business as a result of being in the MG. “I never thought I would be able to own my own land and be free. Now, I am an independent woman. I easily manage to provide food for my family, send my children to government schools and can even visit a government hospital when I am ill.”

The money she borrowed in 2011 was spent on household expenses. After three months, she repaid the loan from money earned by working as a laborer. The MG gave her a Rs 5000 loan in 2013 to purchase a pig. She repaid this loan within 6 months by working as a laborer, and after a year she received Rs 12,000 from the sale of piglets. “The money made me happy, and my business journey began to move forward. I purchased goats with this money and expanded my business and generated income from goats, pigs, and chickens.”

Gyanu has taken out eight loans in total and her business is thriving. She purchased a young female buffalo and also farms vegetables on land she purchased. She makes a small profit and continually contributes to her savings account which is managed by the MG.

Due to her business and constant savings, Gyanu has been able to change her family's future. Her husband works as a carpenter, and while her son and daughter are at school, she looks after the buffaloes, goats, pigs, chickens, and attends the MG monthly meetings. She now owns four kathas (around 507 sq m) of land and built a cement house. She earns between Rs 6,000-10,000 per month and is extremely grateful for the supporters of the micro loan program.

July, 2022 | Micro-Loan Story

Mrs. Raj Kumari Chaudhary is a member of the Parivartan Mother Group. She joined the mother group in 2008. She has two sons and a daughter. Raj Kumari's eldest son is married and has a 24-year-old son.

Raj Kumari was renting a home for her family. Her daughter, Miss Riya Chaudhary, was supported by HI (Humanity & Inclusion) for education before Raj Kumari joined the mother’s group.

After joining the Parivartan Mother Group, she began to attending monthly meetings to learn about starting her own business. She began to share her stories and the difficulties that she had staying in this rented house. All of the Group members decided to work towards owning their own houses rather than renting.

Raj Kumari started her first business with a goat that her daughter had received as part of HI's support iniciatives. This helped the family stay at home and work as goat farmers.

Now her daughter is working as a student program coordinator at the C.P. (Creating Possibilities) Nepal. Her eldest son has gone abroad with these small business loans from the Unako cooperative. Now, both of her sons have jobs and Raj Kumari is able to build an amazing life for herself and her family.

Raj Kumari says that, “My daughter, Riya Chaudhary, has always supported me in managing home loans, and planning and making arrangements for the Puja for the house and every way. So, I would like to sincerely thank all the supportive hands who have always loved me and my family.”

March, 2022 | Micro-Loan Story

Chameli Chaudhary is a member of Indreni Mothers' Group. She is also ex-Kamlahari (ex-indentured slave). The family moved back to Nepal from India, and with the help of HER and Creating Possibilities Nepal, her daughters can regularly attend school. Chameli, who joined the mother group in 2013, also takes literacy classes.

With the help of a micro-loan she received through CanScribe, Chameli is able to raise pigs and make local alcohol. Her business has allowed her family to stay in Nepal, which makes them very happy. If not for this opportunity, the family could not survive in Nepal and they would have had to return to India for labor work.

Chameli is proud to say she is an active businesswoman.

May, 2021 | Feeding In-Need Families in Nepal

In May of 2021, CanScribe donated $2,500 in support, or 238,178.60 Nepalese Rupees to assist approximately 125 families purchase rice, lentils, cooking oil, and salt. Nepal has been hit extremely hard in the second waive of COVID-19. With a stay-at-home order in place, this donation is designed to help these families in need stay at home, and stay safe.
Nepal Giving Back 1
Nepal Giving Back 2

April, 2021 | Feeding In-Need Families in Pakistan

In April of 2021, CanScribe provided support and food hampers to 100 families in need, in Pakistan. As the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, this donation is aimed to help those most in need.
Food hampers in Pakistan
Food hampers created for 100 needy families.
Fresh food in Pakistan
Fresh fruit and vegetables going to in need families.

How Our Organization Gives Back

Her International

CanScribe supports Her International, an organization that helps women succeed in many areas from business, to education, and learning. Below are some images of a school that was built in Nepal, with the help of many generous donors and volunteers, including our own CEO, Colleen Chapman, and our Business Development Manager, Jamie Podmorow. CanScribe also supports Her International's microloan project to assist women in starting their own businesses in Nepal.

Random Acts of Kindness

Annually, CanScribe supports its own Random Acts of Kindness. Over the years this has come in many different forms. Most recently, during the pandemic, each team member was tasked with surprising a random person with a large cash donation. Some people left $100 tips for a $20 meal, others anonymously paid for other's groceries at the store. This program created internally is to support our local communities across Canada.

Who Our Team Gives Back To

CanScribe's donation match program has been in effect for years. Here are some of the amazing donations our team members make every year!