What is Medical Transcription Week?

The History of Medical Transcription Week

On May 21st, 1985, President Ronald Reagan declared that “record-keeping is a vital function in our society,” and that “it is appropriate for our Nation to recognize the contributions of medical transcriptionists.”(Reagan, 1985). This idea has stood the test of time some 31 years later. Medical Transcriptionists play a crucial role in our medical records, and this is why Medical Transcription Week is celebrated every year in both Canada and the United States.

With today’s technological advancements, people no longer have one doctor their entire life. This means that when a person switches to another physician, past medications, exams and visits would not be on file; this could lead to larger healthcare costs for re-examinations and could also cause medical problems to occur because of inconsistencies stemming from a lack of knowledge about previous visits to another physician. Medical Transcriptionists are the reason we can switch doctors and have every doctor know your past medical history.

Medical Transcriptionists are instrumental in the daily lives of every person who visits a doctor, but this is a little known fact by the general population. Accurate and concise work is vital to the success of the job, and the safety of the patients. The industry has changed in the past 3 decades, but the importance Medical Transcriptionist’s play has not. With such high standards needing to be met day in and day out, Medical Transcriptionist’s are truly unsung heroes who receive little public praise; and this is why Medical Transcription Week is so important to not only CanScribe, but also the industry itself and individual Medical Transcriptionists. Take pride in your work because you are truly doing a job that is very important for all!
CanScribe would like to thank all Medical Transcriptionists for their dedication to the job! That is why this week we will be having multiple contests. We want to give back to those who do the work that few know about, but all require.

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