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Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation
Graduated July 2022

Ask an Alumni

Tell Us About Yourself!
I am a single mom of 2 boys, and my youngest is special needs. I am a self-employed reiki and relaxation massage practitioner and have a psychology BA.
Tell us about your experience with CanScribe Career College.
My experience with CanScribe was entirely positive right from the beginning. They were so helpful in getting me started and gave me a very accurate picture of what the program would look like. There has been ongoing support throughout the course and always someone available to help when I needed it. I finished the course feeling prepared and equipped for success.
What originally made you look into one of our programs?
Covid made me realize that my main source of income was not going to allow me to provide for my family, which led to my search for a more stable source of income.
What made CanScribe stand out from other options?
They are the only course approved by AHDI and provided the necessary feedback and work experience throughout the course to be employable immediately upon graduating.
How has the decision to go back to school changed your life?
I now feel more confident within myself, independent, and capable of making a living to support my family regardless of the world.
Was is it important to you to work/study from home? Why?
Due to my son’s autism, I needed flexibility in school and in my employment thereafter to give me the freedom to support my son.
How did your program set you up for a career in the industry?
The material was reinforced consistently, and each section’s activities and reports gave excellent practice to hone my skills. The resume, cover letter section, and practicum were all extremely helpful in building my confidence and preparing me for employment.
What is your biggest motivation to succeed?
My children are my biggest motivation. I want them to know that no matter your age or situation, there are always options for success and ways to improve your life.
Would you recommend this course to people you know? Why?
Absolutely! I have learned so much and feel very grateful that I now have the ability to have a successful career working from home in an industry where I can make a big difference in patients’ medical care.
What advice would you give to new students?
Ask questions, stick with it, and follow all the recommendations given because the learning comes easily the further you get into the course.
How do you believe your future looks now?
My future looks brighter and full of opportunities.

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Ask an Alumnie

A big thank you to all CanScribe Alumni and congratulations on your amazing achievements!


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