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At CanScribe Career College, we know choosing the right college for your individual needs, wants, and schedule is important. We also understand that having someone to talk to, who has been there and done it all before you, is a valuable resource to have. That’s why we’ve gathered our graduates together in a place where you can Ask an Alumni and see their experience with CanScribe Career College firsthand. You can also head over to our Facebook page and Instagram page, where we showcase our featured CanScribe Alumni once a week!

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Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation
Graduated January 2022

Ask an Alumni

Tell Us About Your Experience
  When I decided on a career change, I was looking for something that would challenge me. This course is very well structured with an excellent support team and will take you on a journey with you at the wheel. With a positive attitude, and a desire to learn,  you will strengthen your mind and ear, and learn to avoid all the roadblocks. This is ideal for anyone who is not afraid of running towards a challenge.
Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am a mother of 3 who has spent the last 20 years dedicating my life to the engineering sector. I enjoy challenges and consider myself to be an excellent problem solver. I live by the motto: Every problem has a solution. Once you look hard enough, the solution can be found.
What made you look into one of our programs?
Once the pandemic hit, I decided life was too short not to regroup. So I started looking for a new challenge. I want to be an inspiration for my children and show them that you can make a big move at any age and at any time as long as you maintain dedication, focus, and a driven passion to improve yourself every day.
How has the decision to go back to school changed your life?
It has shown me that I can do more with my life.
Why do you want/need to work from home?
Flexibility and the ability to drive my own “bus” every day.
What is your biggest motivation to succeed?
To show my children that life is not about instant gratification. Life is succeeding independently and living your dreams.
What advice would you give to new students?
This is not an easy pass course. You need to maintain a strong attitude and look forward all the time. At times you will cry, panic, and want to throw in the towel. Keep going! The course is effectively structured to guide you to the point that when you do a transcription, you will do it with confidence.
How do you believe your future looks now?
Full of good obstacles to overcome.

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Ask an Alumnie

A big thank you to all CanScribe Alumni and congratulations on your amazing achievements!


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