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At CanScribe Career College, we know choosing the right college for your individual needs, wants, and schedule is important. We also understand that having someone to talk to, who has been there and done it all before you, is a valuable resource to have. That’s why we’ve gathered our graduates together in a place where you can Ask an Alumni and see their experience with CanScribe Career College firsthand. You can also head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we showcase our featured CanScribe Alumni.

Featured Student

Virtual Assistant Program
Graduated March 2023

Which program did you take?
  Virtual Assistant
Tell Us About Yourself!
  I am a mom of a 16-year-old son and 3 French Bulldogs. I live in Sicamous and I am into fitness and healthy food. I was missing a fun and exciting career. Working virtually is the best option for me and I was so excited to take this program. I love the summer and the great outdoors!!!
Your CanScribe Experience
Tell us about your experience with CanScribe Career College.
  I had a fantastic experience, the course was challenging yet thorough. I learned a wide variety of skills I need to succeed in the Virtual Administration world. The staff and teachers were always easy to contact and get the answers I need. Kristin was amazing!!
What originally made you look into one of our programs?
  Due to my small town and responsibilities at home online learning was the best option for me. I loved that your course was flexible and I was able to accomplish it at my own pace.
What made CanScribe stand out from other options?
  I read many glowing reviews prior to committing, and those reviews provided me with the overwhelming feeling that Canscribe was a very supportive college.
How has the decision to go back to school changed your life?
  I haven’t been in school since high school and I wasn’t the most focused teenager. Attending school as an adult was fun and exciting. When you’re passionate about the program you are taking it’s exhilarating. It has awoken a drive to continue learning, from free courses online to the newest software to run my business. I realized I love learning!!
Was it important to you to work/study from home? Why?
  It is important for me to work from home as I have three beautiful french bulldogs who don’t do well alone for long hours. My hubby works in camp and when he comes home I am able to spend my days at home with him from my home office.
How did your program set you up for a career in the industry?
  The program taught me all the skills I need to succeed and provided me with a prospective job list to start my journey.
Goals, Vision, and Future
What is your biggest motivation to succeed?
  My biggest motivation to succeed is to be able to provide for my family while still being present with them!!!
Would you recommend this course to people you know? Why?
  Yes, it was informative and thorough as well as provided me with all the skills I need for the industry.
What advice would you give to new students?
  Be sure to focus on your lessons, and when they say to take time to research certain software, do it. This will help you when you enter the market.
How do you believe your future looks now?
  Very bright and successful.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
  No, I think we have covered everything.

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