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Calling all CanScribe Graduates!

It’s important to celebrate life’s considerable achievements and turning points, and graduating from college is by no means a small feat! At CanScribe, we are so proud of our students and all they’ve achieved and will achieve in the future with their new skills! Since we’re an online college, we cannot hold a traditional, in-person graduation ceremony. As an alternative, we are dedicating this page to CanScribe graduates every month to display all the hard work these graduates have done.

Remember that as CanScribe alumni, you have lifetime support and access to many alumni resources.

Thank you for choosing CanScribe Career College, Graduates! We have been lucky to have you.

We wish all of you the best in your future life goals.

Graduating Class of April 2022

Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation



Glenda Zimmer Ashley Whitmore Alysha Van Boven Tammy Turchyn
Stacy Sperling Jeremy Patterson Samantha Milne Pamela Boutin
Selena Bray Meghan Carter Tracy Cartwright Ayesha Cruz
Brittany Dayman Carol Doyle Teena Doyle Wynne Feret
Amanda Flindall Erin Flynn Shaya Howell Jeanette Jaggers
Christine Kiernander Yi Chia Lee Mary Rose Lennox Winona Letendre
Terri McIver Rachel Maystruck


Virtual Assistant 


Kayla Savoie


canscribe graduates
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