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The health sciences industry is massive and continually growing. The Faculty of Health Sciences at CanScribe is designed so students can gain the necissary skills they need to gain meaningful employment. Whether you want to work as a Virtual Scribe or work in a more general medical position with medical terminology training, CanScribe has the training that fits your schedule and needs.

Having specialized in online training since 2003, CanScribe has content designed to keep you engaged throughout your learning process.

With open enrollment, you decide when you start your training.

We can all benefit from having flexibility in our schedules. So, we can organize our time in a way that works for us. Our Faculty of Health Sciences is designed to help you find a new career, faster.

Online Programs and Courses

Flexibility. Our Faculty of Health Sciences is dedicated to providing online training that fits all student's schedules. With self-paced learning available 24/7, students are set up for success. Students are also provided direct access to instructors via live chat, email, and phone.

Depending on your needs, where you’re at in life right now, and the types of experiences you bring with you, we have a program that will set you up for a lifetime of success and happiness. You deserve to love what you do for a living.

CanScribe was the first online Canadian college to receive their designation through PTIB, formerly known as PCTIA. Have trust in a college that is held to the highest educational standard.

CanScribe is also an award winning college. Award winning instructors, staff, students, and the college as a whole. Get the training you deserve.

Faculty of Health Sciences Programs and Courses

Work in the medical industry.

Learn More Online College Course - Medical Transcription 1

Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation

The Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation (MT/HDS) Course trains you to join the medical industry, from home. By listening to dictated audio reports, Medical Transcriptionists create typed reports for patient's files. This is an important role that helps ensure accurate health reports can be accessed in a timely manner. MT/HDS's work from home, allowing workers to put their families first.
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Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist Online College Courses

Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist

Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist help improve Canada's healthcare system. They are responsible for implementing new systems, verifying medical records, and so much more. This role is designed to assist the implementation of new software's and securities for the benefit of patient health. Anyone with previous healthcare experience is encouraged to join as there is no physical demand in this career, and often, you can work from home!
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Virtual Scribe Course 2

Virtual Scribe

Virtual Scribe works directly with Doctors and patients. As the name hints, Virtual Scribe's are able to work from home and "sit-in" the doctor/patient visit. Their main purpose is to actively transcribe the interaction for the patient's health record. This role is vital to the healthcare sector in both Canada and the United States. Virtual Scribes help increase the speed that medical reports are created, helping ensure accuracy, and effectiveness.
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Learn More Online College Course - Medical Terminology 1

Medical Terminology

This medical terminology course teaches you a new language, the medical language. Understand what doctors are saying, various procedures and surgeries, and find yourself working in the medical industry. Graduates with medical terminology training are much more employable as Medical Office Assistants than those without it.
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Learn More Online College Course - HDS Refresher 1

HDS Refresher

Working in the Healthcare Documentation Industry can be extremely rewarding. This HDS Refresher course is designed to help those who need to "refresh" their memory and improve their skills. Improve your skills in as little as one month and get back into the industry, it's that simple.
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