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At CanScribe Career College, we specialize in quality training and getting students set up for flexible careers in a short amount of time.

Get the Support You Need to Start a Career in a Year or Less*

You want all the relevant skills to enter the workforce as quickly as possible with a lot of confidence in your ability to perform well day-in, day-out. And that’s what CanScribe Career College has specialized in from the start.

We provide all the knowledge and support you need to get trained and get working as quickly as possible. Our strong industry connections play a major role in that.

CanScribe Career College is proud to support and encourage equity-deserving groups such as Women, Indigenous, Racialized Individuals, Newcomers to Canada, Persons with Disabilities, and others. We want to remove barriers to accessing education and ensure everyone has the same opportunities for continued learning.

Equity mindedness entails recognizing the ways in which systemic inequities disadvantage people who experience marginalization, critically reflecting on one’s role and responsibilities in addressing inequities and reframing negative outcomes as an indicator of institutional underperformance.”

Dr. Frank Harris III and Dr. J. Luke Wood

What is CanScribe?

Enjoy this one minute video we made for you explaining what CanScribe is all about.

The History of CanScribe Career College

CanScribe has specialized in online learning since 2003 and has become a leader in the creation and delivery of online courses, worldwide. We are continually reviewing our processes to best design and deliver new and existing programs for different learning styles, and to diverse learners located anywhere across the globe.

With a mandate to create only top-level programs, our programs are developed by subject matter experts after intense industry research and feedback from industry employers. This ensures our programs are state-of-the-art and relevant in today’s workplaces. Our focus on student success has led us to develop unparalleled student support, instruction, and life-long graduate support.

CanScribe Career College Mission Statement

Training for the future you deserve.

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