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M-Modal hires a number of new graduates each year, many successful graduates coming from the CanScribe Program. CanScribe graduates tend to score very high on our online test. This is a testimony to the course content, as well as the intensive practicum portion of the course which seems to prepare these graduates well for a live working environment.

NTS commenced in 2002 and has grown to be one of Australia’s largest medical transcription companies, with an industry-leading reputation for quality with our clients and job satisfaction with our transcriptionists.  NTS has been working with Canscribe graduates since 2012 and offers high-level support for practicum students as well as graduates transitioning into the workforce.

Keizer Solutions is a leading provider of RCM, HIM and PFS services to Healthcare Providers (Hospitals, Group Practices, Radiology Centers, ASCs, LTCs etc).  We help our clients succeed in leveraging on our domain expertise and technology platforms. Keizer Solutions was established in 2010 with its Corporate Headquarters at Southfield MI, USA and currently has three delivery centers in Southfield MI USA, Windsor ON Canada, and New Delhi India.  Keizer Solutions employees 250+ Full Time, Part Time and Independent Contractors providing services to its clients in various healthcare verticals.

This program was developed in response to the 2013 Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman Report that recommended Military Family Services establish a national employer network to complement local and regional employment services already available to military families through local Military Family Resource Centres.

Capital Transcription is a full service transcription provider located in the national capital region. They convert audio recordings and medical dictation into professionally formatted text in both official languages. They have expanded their service to include document language translation, speech recognition technology management and other data processing services.  Johann Pinto, honours graduate of the CanScribe program, is a proud supporter of future graduates and highly recommends their thorough medical transcription/healthcare documentation program.

Athreon’s home-based transcription jobs enable you to work for an established and reputable company that has been in business since 1988. We offer a variety of work assignments across several industries. If you’re an experienced medical or non-medical transcriptionist, we invite you to explore Athreon. We’re a growing company with challenging and rewarding job opportunities. There’s never been a better time to work for Athreon!

iMedX Australia – OzeScribe, is the largest transcription service provider in Australia and iMedX is one of the largest service providers in the world. iMedX Australia has partnered with CanScribe to hire graduates directly after graduation, waiving the normal experience requirement. Using leading-edge technology, iMedX Australia offers high-quality transcription services to end users while maintaining extremely high employee satisfaction.

Nuance is one of the most reputable MT/HDS job providers in Canada. We are in partnership with over 60 hospitals throughout Canada and we staff over 400 MT/HDSs. The Industry is one of perpetual growth and we are constantly hiring new Contractors to work from home on our many accounts. Being exposed to the in-depth curriculum and taking part in the practicum, we find that CanScribe students have one of the highest success rates among our new graduates. We continue to seek graduates from this highly regarded program.

We are Australia’s leading medical transcription/healthcare documentation company providing the highest quality transcription services in Australia. Based in Sydney, GTS has been in operation for over 7 years and services private practices and public hospitals throughout Australia. We specialise in electronic document delivery, have a very experienced team of transcriptionists who take absolute pride in their work and we are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Director of Transcription said that in all of her years in this industry she has never had such skilled new graduates. Your CanScribe grads are really terrific, on both skill and attitude. It is a pleasure to work with them, and to have them working for Terra Nova.

SwiftCharts is Canadian owned, operated and founded by two of CanScribe’s own graduates. Presently in the blooming stages of business, SwiftCharts will give greater consideration of employment to CanScribe grads as we at SwiftCharts believe that CanScribe offers a highly regarded Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation Program and stays current with issues Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation Specialists face on a day-to-day basis.

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Robert was born in Midland, Ontario on January 11, 1953 and passed away in Nanaimo on November 20, 2009. Robert was the youngest of three. I was the oldest, Doug was the middle child. Our mother and father were divorced when we were very young. Our mother remarried a man who had three sons and then another girl and another boy was born. So there was eight of us altogether. Robert moved to Toronto, Ontario after high school and worked in various jobs there. He then moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1976 and on to British Columbia in 1977. He lived in Vancouver, Victoria, and finally resided in Nanaimo. Robert had a great sense of determination and optimism. The more he could learn, the happier he was. He continued his education in B.C. at Simon Fraser University. He also took courses in the culinary field and worked as a chef for many years. He also studied law and worked as a paralegal. He studied religions and languages (he could speak many languages) and took many computer courses. He took a Medical Terminology Course, and Emergency First Aid which included CPR.

Unfortunately, Robert's health was never great. He was born a "Blue Baby" and not expected to live. He lived with the HIV virus and with cancer. This was a big factor in his determination to be able to work at home and was why he was taking the Medical Transcription course. Robert was involved with various charitable organizations for many, many years. He cooked numerous meals at food kitchens for the homeless, especially at Christmas and other holidays. He spent time at various senior centers, volunteering, and visiting the residents there. He was an active volunteer at the Nanaimo Parole Citizen Advisory Committee and one of the outstanding jobs he completed for them was their Committee By-laws.

I am very proud of the things that my brother achieved in his lifetime. I have received so many letters, calls and cards since his passing, all of them telling me how much he was liked and how much he will be missed. Robert spent most of his time helping others. I'm attaching a couple of pictures, one when he was very young. If there is any other information you need, please let me know. Thank you again for setting up this scholarship. It means so much to me that his name will carry on. And I know he would be extremely pleased that his name was helping others. That was his number one goal in his life - to help others.


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