At-Home Exercise Class with Jon McNulty

Working out is hard. Working out at home is even harder. You can search Google or YouTube for an at-home exercise class pretty easily. However, most of the time you don’t have the equipment or the knowledge to properly complete every workout. We asked Jon McNulty to help us solve this problem. Jon is a Physiotherapist based in Calgary, and walked us through this at-home exercise class for everyone!

Before you get started is good to know the following information:

  1. Jon often refers to “super-sets”. Supersets are when you do multiple exercises in a row without stopping. In this video, you will be doing two exercises back to back and then taking a rest.
  2. This video is designed for everyone! Make the workout as easy or hard as you want. Perform each superset as many times as you want as well. Maybe the first time it’s once. Then tomorrow you do each superset twice.

Want to watch it on YouTube? Click here!

Keeping active can be difficult when working from home. Going to the gym is so hard to start, and even harder to maintain. We want to help people solve those problems. This video contains eight exercises with a variety of difficulties and adaptations to fit your skill level.

Use this video in differing orders, or swap out activities you like for others. Using this video as a guide will help you keep motivated! It is up to you whether you make your workout 20 minutes or 2 hours! Take CanScribe’s at-home exercise class to step away from your desk for a bit.

The exercises covered in this video are:

  • A1 – Squat
  • A2 – Birddog
  • B1 – Glute Bridge
  • B2 – Wall Pushups
  • C1 – Lunge
  • C2 – Pilates Plank
  • D1 – Hip Abduction
  • D2 – Shoulder Taps

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