Reasons to Work from Home

There are so many people out there who have considered working from home. Everyone has their reasons to work from home. One of the largest website builders in the world has hundreds of employees, working from home. As an online college, we are often asked, “What are some reasons to work from home?” So, here’s our list:

Top reasons to work from home

1. Simplicity

For some, nothing sounds better than rolling out of bed and staying in their pyjamas, not brushing their hair, grabbing a cup of coffee, and sitting down at their desks ready to start their workday. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? One of the most common reasons to work from home is the simplicity of not having to worry. Spending an hour every day to get ready for work isn’t fun.

2. Cost Savings

Then there are those who merely find it more convenient and cost-effective. Imagine not having to worry about finding daycare and the cost involved. Studies have found that childcare costs between $200 a month and $1800 a month depending on your area in Canada. This means you could be spending up to $20,000 per year on childcare alone.

Now, picture yourself not having to tackle public transit, pay for expensive car repairs, freak out over the rising cost of gas, or pay for lunches. (Let’s be honest, we all hate making lunches to bring to work.) Amazing, right? Working from home can save you a ton of money, from car insurance to child care.

3. Necessity

For some, working from home isn’t just about preference or convenience. It’s simply a necessity. You might have a disability that prevents you from gaining employment outside of your home. You might have a social anxiety disorder. Life throws curve balls and being able to adapt makes all the difference.

One of the most common reasons to work from home is to be able to provide “self-care“. CanScribe has had many students train to work from home because of various anxieties that people struggle with. We have also had many students with physical disabilities that limit their ability to work in an office. Working from home allows you to decide what works, and what doesn’t.

4. Illness Avoidance

There are those with compromised immune systems that must avoid large crowds to stay healthy. In 2020, we find ourselves “stuck” at home. The scariest reason of all, trying to stay safe during a global pandemic. Staying home is no longer optional. The only away to avoid getting sick and stay healthy is to practice social distancing. Some of us are lucky enough where our employers can accommodate a transition to working from home when needed, but the vast majority of us do not have that luxury.

Employers everywhere are now scrambling to set their employees up to be able to work from home so they can continue to run their businesses. Will we see a rise in remote workers in the future? Will there be a day where the typical office environment is no longer the norm?

For those who have begun to research at-home careers, which of these reasons is at the top of your mind? A career as a Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialist might just be what you need. Start your online training from home, so you can work from home. Problems solved.