We Have Answers Podcast Episode 1: Physiotherapy

We Have Answers Podcast

A new podcast is available. In the We Have Answers Podcast Episode 1, our guests are two physiotherapists who answer questions about their industry and to find out how to stay healthy. This episode had a focus on mobility, soreness, and keeping fit while working in an office or working from home.

Working in an office can be surprisingly hard on the body. Our two guests today walk us through exercises, stretches, and things to do to ensure you reduce the pain you may face while sitting all day. We also discussed the use of standing desks and proper chairs for work.

Meet Our Guests

Jonathan McNulty

Jon is originally from West Kelowna, BC. After graduating from the University of British Columbia – Okanagan, he moved to Edmonton to pursue his Masters in Physiotherapy. After graduation, Jon moved to Calgary to join forces with Lifemark Physiotherapy. A major reason Jon became a physiotherapist was for the love of deductive reasoning. He loves taking information people give him about their pain and help solve their problems. If you are in the Calgary area and are in need of a physiotherapist who truly cares about treatments, give Jon a call!

Jaydyn McKenzie

Originally from Kelowna, BC, Jaydyn currently lives in Edmonton. Jaydyn also graduated from the University of British Columbia – Okanagan. He wanted to become a physiotherapist in part, because of the time he spent as an athlete in his younger years at the physiotherapist. Jaydyn also graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master’s in Physiotherapy and is happily located in Edmonton still. Anyone interested in working with a physiotherapist in Edmonton who is always willing to put in the extra time for his patients, send Jaydyn a message or book an assessment.


The We Have Answers Podcast

This podcast is about “fun learning.” Our host, Justin Chapman, has always loved learning and talking to people. The goal was to bring in different industry professionals and just have a conversation. This is an aim to answer questions commonly asked to these professionals.

Listen to the We Have Answers Podcast if you want to learn a thing or two without the boring framework of a lecture. You will hear our host and the guests laugh, joke around, and have fun. All of this while they discuss various topics surrounding different industries.

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