Should I Be Nervous About Online Training? – Ask CanScribe Graduates

At CanScribe, we aim to help you reach your goals, solve your problems, and answer your questions. We are starting a new series called “Ask CanScribe Graduates”. Here, our graduates answer questions highlighting their experience with CanScribe, the program, and online learning. In this episode, Karen Gabor helps answer the question, “should I be nervous about online training?”

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Tell Us About Your Experience

I decided to take the MT/Documentation specialist course with CanScribe since I always dreamed of working from home ever since I became a mom. I was able to finish the course in exactly a year as I work part-time. To be honest, it was not easy going through it, especially that I already have a medical background. The dictations were challenging but I persevered and made it through with the help of their supportive instructors. I learned a lot about the technicalities of writing with them.

Thankfully, I read through some blogs that say to just carry on since CanScribe’s program prepares its graduates to succeed in the real medical transcription world. I graduated last May and was hired as an independent contractor a few days later, one of the advantages of being their graduate. Thank you again CanScribe!

What made you look into Medical Transcription?

I had been working labour/customer service my whole life, and after having my daughter I was ready to find something I could make a career and not completely exhaust myself doing every day. There are so many work-from-home jobs, but this is 1 of the few that you can go places with.

Why do you want/need to work from home?

I want to work from home so I can be a part of my daughter’s early years. The thought of putting her in daycare to go work for just enough money to pay for said daycare was appalling to me, and I knew I needed something legit and worthwhile. Now I will get to be there for her all the time and still get to further myself in a career that will set me up for great things in the future!

What is your biggest motivation to succeed?

Setting an example for my daughter to show her that you can go for anything you want in life. Be passionate and bold. If you want to do something, don’t let anyone or anything hold you back

What advice would you give to new students?

Ask ALL the questions. The instructors are 100% there for you and will be extremely helpful in getting you to your final goal.

Karen Gabor | 2020 CanScribe Graduate

So, should I be nervous about online training? The simple answer is no! CanScribe always puts the student first. Are you ready to make a change?

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