What is the CanScribe Student Support Like

Ask CanScribe Graduates

At CanScribe, we aim to help you reach your goals, solve your problems, and answer your questions. Here, our graduates answer questions highlighting their experience with CanScribe, the program, and online learning. In this segment, Amanda Monroe answers the question, “what is the CanScribe student support like?” Do you need support from CanScribe? Start a live chat now!

what is the canscribe student support like

Tell Us About Your Experience

At the beginning, I was very nervous as I had never taken any post-secondary schooling or training of any kind, and I had always worked customer service or labor type jobs. It was a huge leap of faith in myself, but I went for it and I am definitely glad I did! The course was engaging and it was a ton of fun to learn all of the information. I am also excited to keep learning since it is such a broad spectrum work field. The opportunities are immense!

The instructors and staff were simply amazing to deal with. They are very quick to respond and will help you until you are 100% confident in the issue they are helping you with. They are always super friendly and supportive. I never felt silly or wrong asking my questions because there are no silly questions!

Now that I have completed the course, I feel confident and ready to begin searching for my new career position. I am very excited to begin this journey and see where it will take me!

What made you look into Medical Transcription?

I had been working labor/customer service my whole life, and after having my daughter I was ready to find something I could make a career and not completely exhaust myself doing every day. There are so many work-from-home jobs, but this is 1 of the few that you can go places with.

Why do you want/need to work from home?

I want to work from home so I can be a part of my daughter’s early years. The thought of putting her in daycare to go work for just enough money to pay for said daycare was appalling to me, and I knew I needed something legit and worthwhile. Now I will get to be there for her all the time and still get to further myself in a career that will set me up for great things in the future!

What is your biggest motivation to succeed?

Setting an example for my daughter to show her that you can go for anything you want in life. Be passionate and bold. If you want to do something, don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.

What advice would you give to new students?

Ask ALL the questions. The instructors are 100% there for you and will be extremely helpful in getting you to your final goal.

How do you believe your future looks now?

Promising and expansive.

The Value of Good Student Services Support

At CanScribe, we believe that supporting our students is vital to their success. We also believe in supporting our graduates forever. When students have questions, they should be able to get answers and get them quickly. If a student is struggling with mental health or personal wellness, they should get the support they deserve. What is the CanScribe student support like? It is exactly what you need to succeed.

The importance of good student support is extremely valuable. It is often an underrated topic that is rarely discussed. Potential students rarely ask questions like, what:

  • happens if I am struggling with the program?
  • sort of support is available to me as a student?
  • sort of support is available to me after I graduate?

If are you interested in education or taking a program make sure you ask these questions. Students deserve support.

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