Finding Success in the Sticks: Medical Transcription in Remote Areas

finding jobs in small towns

We live in one of the world’s largest countries but did you know that most of Canada is uninhabited? The majority of Canada’s population reside within city centres, leaving just one-third of the Canadian population occupying over 90% of the country in what we know as remote areas. Finding jobs in small towns just isn’t as easy as the large downtown areas.

Most of Canada’s remote areas are typically located up north. Most jobs there are based in the industrial and oil sectors. Therefore, for many families living in small, isolated communities, finding employment is hard. Due to the lack of infrastructure in these areas, there are few available jobs. And the current economic situation doesn’t make things any easier. With resource-based economies having taken a hit, there are fewer available opportunities than ever before.

Overcoming the difficulties of finding jobs in small towns

Linda, a CanScribe student has shared with us her difficulties in finding employment in her remote community in Northern Alberta. Prior to enrolling, Linda’s husband had his hours cut at work on an oil rig. Linda knew she had to step in and help financially support her family. The problem? Her only option for employment was a minimum wage job over an hour away. As a mother, taking too much time from her children just wasn’t doable. What Linda needed was a reliable job close to home. Instead, she found something even better: a reliable job at home.

For Linda, a career in Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation just made sense. Instead of facing long commutes to a simple dead-end job in another town, she can work from the comfort of her own home while still being able to take her children to and from school. You can find success in a career in Medical Transcription, too. All you need is a quiet and comfortable workspace and a good Internet connection.

With the availability of reliable, high-speed Internet steadily increasing in rural areas, it’s becoming easier to tap into the digital economy and find employment working from home online. Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation is a great career choice for those in remote areas facing limited job opportunities, allowing you the ability to financially contribute to your family while working from the comfort of your own home.

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