CanScribe Student Wins International Award

CanScribe Student Wins International Award“; you heard that right. CanScribe is proud to celebrate Andréa Khan, the 2019 AHDI Rising Star Award winner. This award is meant to recognize an outstanding Healthcare Documentation student. Students across Canada and the United States are considered for this award.

CanScribe Student Wins International Award

We caught up with Andréa to find out a little bit more about her.

Why did you become a Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialist?

It’s a long story, but in a nutshell, we recently went through some big changes. We became first-time parents, moved cities and I left my job in economic development. With all these changes came an opportunity to decide what I wanted to do that would balance my personal, professional, and family goals. A good friend put me onto the idea of medical transcription and it seemed like the perfect fit. Especially because I have always had a great interest in the medical field.

What do you enjoy about Medical Transcription?

I have been working in the field for about 4 months now, and so far what I’m really enjoying is learning something new every day. It’s a role that is consistent but not repetitive and as a lover of stats, it’s easy to track my improvement and continue to challenge myself with new goals. Of course, the flexibility is fantastic as well and I enjoy working from home even more than I expected to.

What was your Medical Transcription Program like?

I really enjoyed the program. It was informative and challenging. This was the first time I had completed an online program and I appreciated the fact that it allowed me to complete the course early.  The instructors were helpful and supportive, especially my practicum instructor, and I received multiple job offers upon completion, which I attribute largely to the training quality and reputation of CanScribe in the industry.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

Family time, especially days at the lake, baking and board games are my favourite ways to spend time these days. Having flexibility in work is amazing – my husband and I joke that we are living a semi-retired life now!

From CanScribe

Andrea Sopko, Andréa Khan’s practicum supervisor had this to say:

“Andréa Khan was a wonderful practicum student! I was so proud of all her accomplishments and of her receiving the AHDI Rising Star Award! She deserved this award. From day one in the practicum, Andréa demonstrated professionalism, a positive attitude, and strong work ethic. When a student does these things so well, a bond of trust forms with their supervisor. The supervisor can trust her work quality and her integrity.  I knew she would excel as a team player and as an independent worker. Based on her self-motivation and willingness to do the work to produce excellent medical reports Andréa will prosper. I am proud of her success to date! I would hire her in a heartbeat if I had a medical transcription company.”

CanScribe focuses on putting students first. From admissions to student service, and after graduation, there is always a desire to help. Andréa excelled as a student and is rolling as a Medical Transcriptionist. A CanScribe Student Wins International Award in 2019, is only the beginning. Especially when a CanScribe Instructor wins the 2019 Educator of the year award!

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