10 Things You Can Do On A Student Budget


Take A Study Break

School is right around the corner, and life as a student can be tough on your bank account. Give yourself a well-deserved break from your studies with these fun and wallet-friendly activities!

Here are 10 Things You Can Do On A Student Budget:

1. Hit the beach

Sand, sun and surf are all great ways to relax on a day off, or after a long day of school work. Don’t have time for the beach? Make time! Vitamin D is very beneficial: It is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. It is an immune system regulator. It has been shown to reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in women and the list goes on and on. People who are exposed to normal quantities of sunlight do not need vitamin D supplements because sunlight promotes sufficient vitamin D synthesis in the skin.

2. Go hiking

Go for a hike somewhere in your neighborhood, and if there are no mountains, go for a long walk, somewhere out of the noisy city if you can. Connecting with nature is very important when trying to calm the mind and body. You will most likely return to your school work rejuvenated both physically and mentally!

3. Attend community events

Check out what’s going on in your community. Most cities have a list of events and activities that are at no charge for the public. Google is a great place to start, or try searching your local newspaper.

4. Play board games

Play board games with the family or friends. If there are no board games to be found, ask a friend. I am sure they would be happy to lend you one, or better yet, they may join you for a game or two!

5. Exercise

Practice Yoga! There are tons of free yoga challenges on the internet. I usually go on YouTube as I can follow their videos easily and the streaming is always quick. If you do not like Yoga try Pilates or even aerobics; these are all beneficial ways to awaken those endorphins.

6. Download music

Try adding some Classical music to help with your studies. It has been said that Classical music affects the brain’s organization and abilities through its melody and rhythm. The rhythm raises the level of serotonin produced in your brain and when the brain produces serotonin, tension is eased. Ahhhhh.

7. Visit the park

Play some games at the park. An afternoon of Bocce ball or Volleyball is always a blast. I even like to throw around the Frisbee every now and then. If it is winter than build a snowman or go tobogganing, it can still be fun when you see the end result.

8. Dance

Have a dance party in your house. I usually clean my house and dance around, (you would be amazed at how good of a partner a broom is, also doubles as a microphone). It is great exercise even if for a few minutes. You might want to close the blinds for this, just in case the neighbors are watching.

9. Plan a spa day

Have a spa day at home! Paint your nails, put some coconut oil in your hair, create a mask with at-home remedies that match your skin type, exfoliate, have a bubble bath and just overall take care of your temple. You will feel refreshed and ‘sparkly’ when you are finished, ready to tackle the next challenge.

10. Host a potluck/BBQ

Invite your friends over for some fun and entertainment. You can take this opportunity to integrate tip #4 into your potluck party by having some games prepared (board games, Pictionary, Catch Phrase, etc.) When everyone brings a dish the burden to pay for everything is lifted! If you really want to get silly make it a themed potluck! Tip: try to coordinate who is bringing what type of dish so you don’t get a salad-only potluck.

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