Your Time is Valuable

Your time is valuable and college comes with a large amount of freedom, flexibility, and independence; it can be hard to stay on the right schedule and not engage in procrastination. There will always be something going on, whether it’s a test, work, home obligations, or spending time with family and friends; you start to hit a wall and begin to feel overloaded.

The following tips from Pearson Education may be able to help you have fun, as well as helping you to balance the many challenges college can bring:

  • Use technology;
  • Keep a routine;
  • Set rewards;
  • Maintain a healthy balance; and
  • Get enough sleep.

Using Technology

Using different technology platforms can help lower anxiety levels and help you stay on track. A digital planner is an accessible way to have deadlines and reminders at your disposal. Inputting all of the information and deadlines allows you to plan ahead for big projects or major tests. Of course, the traditional, physical planner is also beneficial for those who prefer to write things down.

Keep a Routine

Generally, the college does not have anyone monitoring what you are doing or where you are. This means it can be easy to fall out of a routine or lose structure. To avoid procrastinating, it’s important to have a solid, regular routine. Procrastination can lead to the stressed out feeling people can experience. Set up recurring tasks in your calendar to help you develop new habits and routines. Try blocking off time to do activities unrelated to school, such as going to the gym or grocery shopping.

Set Rewards

Rewarding yourself after reaching your goals will help you to feel more confident and allow for you to achieve even greater challenges. This feeling of pride after achieving a goal allows us to feel motivated to be more productive. For example, you can read a chapter or finish an assignment, then reward yourself with a 10-minute break or tasty treat.

Healthy Balance

It’s important to be able to maintain a healthy balance of everything on your plate. Trying
to complete everything in one sitting or allowing tasks to pile up will cause you to overload. It’s important to remember to schedule tasks other than school work. For example, rest, relaxation, and weekend plans. Having down time helps to recharge and refresh your mind to better prepare for your next task.

Get Enough Sleep

No matter where you are in the school journey, not getting enough sleep will impair your academic performance and make it harder to get through the day. Research has shown a clear correlation between getting enough sleep and a healthy lifestyle. You can set a reminder on your phone during the weekday to alert you to when it’s time to get ready for bed.

Proper time management will help you to get your work done, have an accomplished feeling and still have time for the people and activities you love. Knowing your time is valuable is important; take care of it. 

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