Top 5 Tips to Help you Find a Work-at-Home Job

So You Want a Work-at-Home Job?

If given the opportunity, many people would choose to work from home. And why not, you don’t have to commute or get stuck in traffic. You don’t have to wear fancy business clothes. You don’t have to pay for lunches out every day. And you don’t have distractions of office chatter, gossip or politics. You simply get to walk to your home office and get busy. However, landing that job can be difficult if you are not prepared. So here are 5 tips to help you find your dream work from home job.

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Resume Check-Up

When is the last time you updated your resume, and not just the content but the overall design? Today’s resumes can have a little flair and personality to help you stand out from other candidates. It doesn’t have to be flashy or over the top but a nice design or even a headshot can really stand out. Click here to see some sample templates. Be sure too that your resume sells you to potential employers. A well-written resume can be worth gold in your job search.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Work At Home Job

Put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Would you want to hire someone who did the bare minimum or someone who went the extra mile? Take the initiative and show the employer you are not only qualified but very interested in their job. Educate yourself on their business by visiting their website. Read their blog and the “About Us” page and get to know about the company. Reference what you learn in your cover letter. They can tell if you’ve looked at their website and took some time to get to know more about them. Bottom line is you will stand out if you show you are willing to go above and beyond what you are asked to do.

Pay Attention to the Details

There’s nothing worse than getting a cover letter that does not respond to the requests in the job description. Be sure to read the job description thoroughly 2 or 3 times and make sure your resume and cover letter address everything they are requesting. If you leave key things out of your application or cover letter, it tells the employer you may do the same thing on the job. In that case, your application may go straight to the big, virtual trash can.

Don’t Bother

If you don’t have any of the skills or experience the employer is asking for, don’t apply. It’s that simple. You will waste your time and their time, and you will leave the impression that you didn’t read the job description very well. Many employers state how annoying this is for them to go through applicants who clearly do not have the skills or experience they are looking for. Instead, keep looking for jobs that match some of your skills or experience.

Timing is of the Essence

Many busy entrepreneurs and small business owners are looking to hire immediately! They post a job and are ready to hire someone within a few days.  If you are not searching daily or every couple of days, you may miss out. Some jobs are taken down after 3-5 days or sooner because they have enough applicants.  Timing is definitely of the essence.

So now, get that resume polished up and incorporate these tips. You may find your dream job just got a whole lot easier! Check out some of the recent jobs posted on sites like

Guest Post by Lesley Pyle