iMedX Australia Practicum

CanScribe Career College is excited to announce a new partnership with iMedX Australia. CanScribe will now be sending students to iMedX Australia (OzeScribe) to complete their 100-hour, at-home practicum. CanScribe’s practicum allows students to get real-world experience before entering the workforce. The combination of industry-leading training and the 100-hour practicum has helped 88% of Medical Transcription graduates find employment within two weeks of graduation. The iMedX Australia Practicum will allow students to gain experience with yet another employer to help meet the massive demand for quality trained Medical Transcriptionists. Students from across Canada, the United States, and Australia can benefit from this new practicum.canscribe and imedx australia practicum


Colleen Chapman, CanScribe’s CEO, stated, “We are thrilled to add another employer to the practicum program, and we extend a warm welcome to iMedX Australia. They have been a valued partner over the years, hiring many of our grads to work remotely, from home. Our online practicum offers students on-the-job work experience from home, which is often the same the environment they will be working in. It’s a  ‘win-win’ for all involved.”

iMedX Australia

Lisette Bicknell, Operations Manager at iMedX Australia, said that “CanScribe is a preferred training partner of iMedX Australia as we find the program offered by CanScribe to be extremely comprehensive. CanScribe offers a thorough program that equips students with high-quality skills in preparation for work in medical transcription. We believe the practicum component really solidifies and assists students to transfer their knowledge from coursework to become work-ready. We are very excited about the opportunity to participate in the practicum program. CanScribe have always been professional and happy to assist with our queries. We enjoy collaborating with CanScribe and look forward to developing an even better working relationship in the future.”

CanScribe focuses in on its students and ensuring they get the best support possible. Similarly, students want to know that their college will help them through thick and thin. This new practicum will help students find employment with a great employer while also giving them real experience. Together iMedX Australia and CanScribe are working to fill hundreds of available positions in the MT/HDS industry.