The Purr-fect Career: What working from home means to you


Working from Home: Trust Your Cat

Disclaimer: If you are interested in working from home but are a dog person, click here.

You have cat to be kitten me? A career working from home in pyjamas in the comfort of your own cathouse? If you are feline like a new career, then start with CanScribe’s AA/VA course today.

Meow you don’t have to leave your cat at home while you work. You can train and work from the home that your cats have made their own. Though you won’t be able to write off your cat food, while working from home, you will be able to write off part of your lease/rent, internet, paper, pens, office supplies, and even part of your cell phone/home phone bills to save money on your taxes every year!

Working from home lets you write off your rent

Through CanScribe’s AA/VA course you are prepared for entry into mid-level administrative positions. Throughout the nineteen chapters in the course, you will gain the necessary skills to be an AA/VA.

The nineteen chapters cover various administrative duties including organizing meetings, producing reports, developing filing systems, basic bookkeeping skills, HR necessities, and many other skills necessary for your career. As a Virtual Assistant, you will have the opportunity to provide clients with your services remotely from your home office.

You can choose to work as an employee or a contractor depending on your purr-ference. Find out more on the difference between an employee and a contractor here.

Tabby or not tabby a Virtual Assistant that is the question. CanScribe’s course is a rare breed and is the only preparation course recommended by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

You can gain certification as an administrative professional through IAAP’s CAP exam. Your tuition includes everything you will need to start your journey to be an AA/VA including your textbook, word expansion software, and nine lives worth of resume and cover letter assistance.

Leaving your kitty hiss-terical home alone all day? Scratch that. Throw out your claw-ful professional clothes with the litter and work from home today. This option is fur real, and your cat will be so fur-tunate to have you at home all day. Pick your start day today and think about your desired industry tomorrow.

Quit playing cat and mouse and call 1-800-466-1535 or visit to enroll today.

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