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Robert was born in Midland, Ontario on January 11, 1953 and passed away in Nanaimo on November 20, 2009. Robert was the youngest of three. I was the oldest, Doug was the middle child. Our mother and father were divorced when we were very young. Our mother remarried a man who had three sons and then another girl and another boy was born. So there was eight of us altogether. Robert moved to Toronto, Ontario after high school and worked in various jobs there. He then moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1976 and on to British Columbia in 1977. He lived in Vancouver, Victoria, and finally resided in Nanaimo. Robert had a great sense of determination and optimism. The more he could learn, the happier he was. He continued his education in B.C. at Simon Fraser University. He also took courses in the culinary field and worked as a chef for many years. He also studied law and worked as a paralegal. He studied religions and languages (he could speak many languages) and took many computer courses. He took a Medical Terminology Course, and Emergency First Aid which included CPR.

Unfortunately, Robert's health was never great. He was born a "Blue Baby" and not expected to live. He lived with the HIV virus and with cancer. This was a big factor in his determination to be able to work at home and was why he was taking the Medical Transcription course. Robert was involved with various charitable organizations for many, many years. He cooked numerous meals at food kitchens for the homeless, especially at Christmas and other holidays. He spent time at various senior centers, volunteering, and visiting the residents there. He was an active volunteer at the Nanaimo Parole Citizen Advisory Committee and one of the outstanding jobs he completed for them was their Committee By-laws.

I am very proud of the things that my brother achieved in his lifetime. I have received so many letters, calls and cards since his passing, all of them telling me how much he was liked and how much he will be missed. Robert spent most of his time helping others. I'm attaching a couple of pictures, one when he was very young. If there is any other information you need, please let me know. Thank you again for setting up this scholarship. It means so much to me that his name will carry on. And I know he would be extremely pleased that his name was helping others. That was his number one goal in his life - to help others.


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