Will Technology Replace Administrative Assistants

Posted by Vira Sadlak on March 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

If for some reason you are under the impression that Technology will replace the administrative assistant (AA) craft, let me provide a little bit of comfort. While automation will inevitably become more prevalent, there is and there always will be a need for human Administrative Assistants. Here is why.

Will Technology Replace Administrative Assistants

Everchanging craft

Change is inevitable. You either adapt to it and win, or you ignore it, and you lose.

Gone are the days when answering phones, pouring coffee and scheduling meeting were the main functions of admin assistants. Over the years the administrative assistant craft has evolved into a dynamic administrative superhero position.

Today’s administrative assistants have far more creative responsibilities than they used to.

Nowadays, being an AA requires multiple skills, such as online marketing, website development, managing of social media, online customer service etc.

You can advance in your career faster if you specialize in one of those fields. The opportunities are greater than ever!

Get creative!

Let’s face it, automation will replace some Admin Assistants functions. Especially routine tasks like filing or typing.  For example, many companies do not require hard copies of files. Technology has replaced the physical filing with virtual filing. But it is extremely difficult for an automated system to always put the right file in the right spot.  And that’s where you come in!

Besides, not everything can be automated. Some tasks will never be!

When it comes to creativity and social interaction robots simply don’t have the same emotional intelligence as people do. Negotiating, and providing creative solutions are too advanced for the robots to perform successfully.

Get creative, get educated, get social and you will always be ahead of the curve!

Keep up with the demand

You know, what they say, behind every great executive is an administrative assistant.

With advancements in technology, the demand for qualified Admin Assistant Professionals (especially VAs) is higher than ever!

The numbers say it all better. There are over 4000 Virtual Assistant positions available through Upwork.  More than 75,000 AA/VA job postings on Guru and over  27,000 on Freelancer! And believe it or not, the virtual assistant industry is projected to grow rapidly in the next few years!

Over the years, the administrative assistant craft has changed from a coffee-pouring and typing job into a dynamic admin superhero position! The future of technology advancement may actually bring even more opportunities for tech-savvy administrative professionals!

If you are ready to embrace the changes, Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant might be just a right fit for you!