Will Robots Eat My Job?


Learn from home so you can earn from home.

Here at CanScribe, we believe in courses that allow you to learn from home so that can earn from home. With courses offered exclusively online, we recognize the emerging trend in online education. Today, more students are choosing to study online, creating their own schedules and working at their own pace.

The number of online jobs is steadily increasing. Today, there are more opportunities than ever to work from home, and the numbers keep growing. Automation will eventually replace some workers with machines, saving employers overhead costs on office space and salaries.

Will my robots eat my job?

Despite automation, there will always be a need for human employees in most industries. Take Medical Transcription, for example. Although speech recognition is becoming more prevalent, there will always be a need for humans who can spot errors that computer programs can’t. When it comes to dealing with important medical records, we simply cannot trust computers to transcribe doctor dictations with one hundred percent accuracy; there will always be a need for quality assurance editors. Most Medical Transcriptionists work from home, as this line of work does not require a physical presence in an office.

Will offices cease to exist?

Take a look at administrative work. Nearly every industry employs Administrative Assistants. An integral role in the office, Administrative Assistants are responsible for tasks such as answering calls and emails, data entry, filing, bookkeeping, payroll, and transcription, just to name a few.

Administrative assistance cannot be completely automated; there will always be tasks that require a human touch, but most of them you can do from home. While offices will continue to exist, there’s a strong possibility that the future of administrative work will be conducted virtually. 

In fact, there is already a growing demand for Virtual Assistants, allowing you the opportunity to work as an Administrative Assistant from the comfort of your own home. In response to this fast-growing industry, CanScribe Career College is launching a brand new Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant course, training you to either work in an office or virtually, from home. If you want to know more about Virtual Assistants, check out the video below!

So, robots won’t eat my job?

Unless you work in manufacturing or fast food, your job most likely won’t be replaced by machines. Instead, the future of automation may actually bring more opportunities for you to work from home. Luckily, CanScribe can help you find a career that allows you to work from home. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.