What is MT Week?


What is MT Week?

This year, we are celebrating the 32nd anniversary of Medical Transcription Week!

On May 21st, 1985, United States President, Ronald Reagan declared that “record-keeping is a vital function in our society,” because that “it is appropriate for our Nation to recognize the contributions of medical transcriptionists.”(Reagan, 1985). Ever since then, medical records are transcribed and edited by Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialists, and they play a vital role in the entire healthcare system around the world.

We NEED MT/HDSs and that’s a fact

The days have past when people would spend their entire life with one doctor. We NEED MT/HDSs and that’s a fact. Having up-to-date medical records keeps people alive; MT/HDSs are part of the reason we can switch from a General Practitioner to a Cardiologist and have the Cardiologist right up to speed on the past health issues. Being and MT/HDS means you are skilled at producing quality documentation and accurate records, it also means you are improving the entire healthcare system by speeding up the process and reducing strain on doctors.

Fact: Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialists are instrumental to the daily lives of every single person who has a health record. Be proud of that, you are awesome!

Every day, you meet such high standards, you are truly a hero. This is why MT Week is so important to CanScribe Career College. We believe that all the work you do, is extremely important and we want to show our appreciation. We understand we truly thank you for all of the work you do, so please enjoy this week; it’s yours!

Spread the message, share the love! Here are some ways you can get involved with MT Week:

  • Change your social media profile picture
  • Participate in AHDI’s Thunderclap campaign
  • Enter our daily contests!

Reagan, R. (1985) “Proclamation 5345 – National Medical Transcriptionist Week, 1985,” Online, The American Presidency Project. .