The Power of To-Do Lists

to-do list

We all make lists every once in a while. Be it grocery lists, to-do lists, must-read lists, or even a bucket list, we rely on lists more than we think. The power of lists is that they allow us to visually see what’s going on. There are the best to-do list tips to help you succeed.

To-Do List Tips

Write Things Down

Creating lists allow us to organize our thoughts. They also hold us accountable. Writing things down makes us feel more obligated to follow through with it. In fact, studies show that once you put pen to paper on a goal, you’re 33 percent more likely to achieve it. By writing things down, we’re turning ideas into plans.

Without writing things down, we’re cluttering our minds with mental to-do lists. Not only can this lead to a forgotten carton of eggs on the way out of the grocery store, but it can also create anxiety. Mental lists eventually lead to mental overload, the most common cause of stress and anxiety.


Lists help us stay on track and discern our progress, step by step. They also force us to prioritize some items over others, which can increase productivity. But most importantly, lists allow us to create a vision for ourselves. Whether it’s simply a vision of next week’s schedule or a vision of our life goals, lists inspire clarity.

The Done List

One helpful list that is often overlooked is the “done-list”. By keeping track of the tasks you’ve completed or the goals you’ve achieved, you’ll have an increased sense of accomplishment. Some people even find their done-lists to be more useful than to-do lists.

There are plenty of mobile apps designed solely for the purpose of making lists. Some examples include Wunderlist and Todoist, two of the most widely used to-do list apps available. But if you’re like me, you might find more value in going “old school” by jotting things down in a good old fashioned notebook. So, we’ve created an awesome daily planner you can print out to help you stay organized and focused. Click here to download your daily planner. We hope you’ll find value in it!