The Best Christmas Gifts for Medical Transcriptionists

The Best Christmas Gifts for Medical Transcriptionists

Trying to find the right gift for your wife, children, or best friend is hard enough. If you are looking for ideas, you can often find inspiration from the career someone has chosen. Medical Transcriptionists, for example, may want or require different items to help increase their production or comfort! Here are the best Christmas gifts for Medical Transcriptionists in your life.


Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialists (MT/HDS) spend their days listening to doctor dictated reports. Having a set of high-quality headphones can make them even better at their job! With a good pair of headphones, MT/HDS’s can hear the doctors better and turn what sometimes sounds likes someone speaking with marbles in their mouth, into a properly formatted, well transcribed patient report.


Noise-cancelling or over-ear headphones are also a great idea if you’ve got little rugrats running around. We all love our children, but when working from home, sometimes the noise can be a bit much.

Check out this post to find out what sort of headphones work well.

High-Quality Computer Speakers

Some MT/HDS’s don’t like headphones and prefer speakers. Having a set of high-quality speakers can really make a difference. A little bit of an investment in some great computer speakers can increase an MT/HDS’s ability to hear doctors. Increased speed means increased income.

Need a list of possible speakers to get them? Click here to start shopping.

A New Ergonomic Chair

Okay, one of the best Christmas gifts for Medical Transcriptionists is a new, ergonomic chair. Sitting all day can be taxing on the body. Seriously. Having a chair that supports your body as you work can save you from aches and pains. When it comes to chairs, style needs to go last. Support and comfort need to be at the top of the list.

ergonomic chair

Best Buy has a few different options you can look at, but don’t be afraid to shop around.

Adjusting Footrests

Having a comfortable set up is essential to all MT/HDS’s. This is something many people don’t think of but can help improve sitting comfort. Adjusting footrests are great! They allow the user to adjust (no kidding!) the angle of their feet to whatever they like best.

One thing to make sure of is that the footrest has a grippy top, so an MT/HDS’s foot pedal does not slide around. If the foot pedal cannot sit on the footrest, it isn’t worth it.

Here are a few ideas for you to use in your shopping ventures.

Standing Desk

Although it can make using the foot pedal slightly more complicated, it is beneficial to move around. When you work in an office, it is very easy to never get up, especially when there is work to be done. You may have heard that when you are on a long flight, you should get up and move around. Working in an office is the same.

Having a standing desk allows office workers to keep blood flowing and clear the mind while still working. They can be a bit of an investment but can be a great addition to any office. Make sure you shop around, Costco sometimes has standing desks available at amazing prices.

Lumbar Support Pillows

There is a common theme appearing… the majority of the best Christmas gifts for Medical Transcriptionists revolve around comfort. Lumbar support pillows are not only comfortable but assist your posture. Bad habits are bad. Using tools to improve posture will have long-term effects on an MT/HDS’s body and health.

A Large Monitor

This one hardly needs an explanation. A larger monitor means you can see more on the screen. This makes it easier on the eyes, neck, and back. Instead of leaning forward to see what’s on a small screen, a big screen has everything there! If the MT/HDS in your life has sight troubles, a larger screen allows you to zoom in without losing too much functional area.

large computer screens are one of the best Christmas gifts for medical transcriptionists

Your best bet is to search your local computer store. Best Buy, Staples, or Amazon should have what you’re looking for.

New Mugs

Coffee. Tea. More Coffee. New mugs that keep your warm beverage of choice warm for hours is, some would say (we would), a lifesaver. When an MT/HDS gets focused, they often forget about the little things, like coffee. Then, when they realize they are thirsty, their drink is cold.

yeti and ember mugs

Yeti has some very highly rated mugs that keep drinks warm (or cold) for a reasonable amount of time. Or, if you feel like the MT/HDS in your life needs a seemingly endless amount of time to finish their drink, check out the Ember Heated Mug.

Medical Smock / Scrubs

Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation Specialists work in the medical industry. It may not feel like it all the time, but MT/HDS’s play a critical role in the healthcare system. So… why not dress the part?! Working from home has its perks, like getting to wear pyjamas every day.

We’ve spoken to many MT/HDS’s who purchase scrubs to wear while they work. These can even provide a little bit of extra motivation while the MT/HDS in your life works!

Warm Booties

Does anyone else get cold feet? Sitting in once place with your feet on the cold floor isn’t always the most comfortable thing. Especially if your house has a basement, poor insulation, or it’s just cold out! Warm indoor boots or slippers are an excellent gift for Medical Transcriptionists!

Gift Certificates for a Massage

As we mentioned above, sitting all day can be hard on the body. Treat the MT/HDS in your life to a massage. Everyone deserves a good massage.

Heated Pad or Blanket

Once again, we are coming back to comfort. Cold days, no thanks. Keep the heat local with a heated pad or blanket. Instead of heating the entire house to 22 degrees, you can heat a 4 foot by 4-foot area.

Note: if you are the husband of a Medical Transcriptionist, CanScribe is not responsible for decreased cuddling because of the heated blanket is so soft. 

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home technology is both fun and helpful. If you couple a Google Home or Amazon Alexa with smart plugs, you can turn lights on and off. Individually, these items allow you to:

  • make lists
  • find out the weather forecast
  • find out the meaning of words and terms
  • stream music
  • learn the pronunciation of words
  • so much more than I can list!

google home and amazon alexa

These often go on sale right before the holiday season, so watch out for the best deals.

Essential Oils

Who does love a good smell? We’ve all heard the saying, “Look good, feel good.” We figure that the same applies to good smells. Essential oils might help increase productivity due to an increase in awareness or alertness. Get a defuser and some essential oils the MT/HDS in your life doesn’t already have the setup. These are awesome for an office but great for having company over to create a great smelling atmosphere.

Family Photos for the Home Office

An office isn’t an office without a little personalization. There is no better personalization than a picture of the kids, family, or your animals! This also has an added benefit of motivation. Having a bad day? Take a look at why you are doing what you are doing. Ten seconds to stare at a photo and remembering your family will do wonders for your productivity.


If you are an MT/HDS, you probably call these transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (because you know how to pronounce it), but for the rest of us, it’s a TENS unit. These units help to relieve pain. By stimulating your nerves through a low voltage output of electrical signals, TENS units reduce swelling and pain.

These are great for the whole family! If you have a sports player in your house, these are great for recovery.


So, we’ve gone through the best Christmas gifts for Medical Transcriptionists, and now it’s up to you! We hope these ideas set you up to succeed in your shopping ventures!