I started the CanScribe course when our little boy was 6 months old, as I realized I wanted to be able to work from home. I found the course to be extremely thorough and an excellent preparation for working life. I found the materials easy to use and it was good to know that help was only a phone call away. All the staff at CanScribe are extremely efficient and supportive and I have found that they answer emails and phone calls very quickly. I also found the forums to be a great support. Although I didn’t contribute to them a great deal I read them every day and often found useful tips. I think the best part of the course was the practicum, and I would encourage everyone to participate in this. The ironic thing is, I had not intended to take the practicum as I thought I would move straight into work. I am so glad I changed my mind, as I think it prepares you for the real world of MT work better than anything else.

Wendy Preston, 2008 Honours Graduate

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