I took the course while on maternity leave and was able to complete the course in 11 months while having a one-year-old and a newborn baby at home.  I found the CanScribe course very well structured and appreciated being able to complete the course at the times and dates that worked for my family’s schedule.

I was fortunate enough to qualify for an external practicum and on the third day of my practicum, my practicum supervisor asked me if I would like to work for them once I have completed the course.  I said “yes please” and was able to start my job with them within one week of completing the course.  I am transcribing part-time while maintaining employment with my previous employer but only on a part-time basis instead of full time.  My goal is to transcribe on a full-time basis.  I am grateful for all the help I received from the staff at CanScribe and love working from home during the hours that work best for my family.

Tina Kidd, 2019 Graduate

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