After a nail-biting drive home one winter’s day from my job as a dental assistant, I thought wow, it would be so nice not to have to go out in inclement weather. I also liked the idea of trading in my scrubs for a nice comfortable pair of PJs or a jogging suit. I researched online to see what kind of stay-at-home jobs were available, especially in the medical field, and what I found that interested me was medical transcription.  I did some research and then contacted some MTSOs to inquire about CanScribe. The responses I got were all exceptionally positive. I decided to then pursue this career. I contacted a student loans officer and was told that CanScribe was an excellent college and that they did approve many student loans for the MT program there. I decided then and there to take my MT program through CanScribe.

I graduated with honours in 2011. After graduation, I worked for 3 years for OzeScribe and Nuance. I kept in contact with the college, and when I found out about an opening on the instructional team, I was quick to apply for the position. I am proud to say that I have come full circle and have been working for CanScribe for over 4 years now. I love the job I do. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing that I am part of a great team who work hard every day to help students achieve their dreams and goals. I hope to be able to work for this great college until the day I can retire.

Lisa Thompson, CanScribe Instructor and 2011 Graduate

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