Taking the MT course through CanScribe was my best career decision. When I decided to take the course, I had 3 young children and this career offered me the flexibility to work from home, when it suited me rather than when it suited my employer.

I appreciate how well the course prepared me for the work world.  I received great support from the instructors.  I enjoyed every moment of learning and was lucky to be placed with Accentus (Nuance) for my practicum.  Accentus offered me a job after my practicum and I worked for them for many years before coming back to CanScribe to work as an Educational Assistant.

It’s difficult to put into words how happy I am that I saw the advertisement for CanScribe all those years ago and finally worked up the courage to make the call and ask for an information package.

Leslie Meger, CanScribe Educational Assistant and 2012 Graduate

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