As I prepared to move forward with my medical transcription training, I was overwhelmed with emotions heading into the practicum. I was excited and nervous and, perhaps, a little unsure if I was actually ready for this enormous step. I can imagine for any student taking their final steps in training for a career in medical transcription this milestone conjures up many emotions. It is an exciting yet intimidating transition in the experience.

I can tell you now that I have completed my practicum to throw all of those negative feelings aside. You are ready for this! CanScribe prepares you well, every step along the way, to get to this point. Be proud of yourself for all the hard work and determination it has taken to bring you to this point. Be confident and believe in yourself; you have everything you need to become a successful MT/HDS.

I feel the practicum experience is an invaluable opportunity and essential for anyone working towards a career as an MT/HDS.

I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to perform my practicum with M*Modal. From the onset to the completion of my time spent with M*Modal, I was provided with the training, guidance, support, tools, as well as inspiration to ensure a successful and invaluable experience. All of the staff at M*Modal, who shared this experience with me, were professional, supportive, and friendly. The practicum was a wonderful experience, and I believe that the real-world experience prepares you extremely well for an exciting career in medical transcription.

My advice to those who are currently researching institutions offering medical transcription training is to seriously consider one which provides a practicum experience in their curriculum. A real-world experience prepares you like nothing else will. This was a major deciding factor for me when I chose to enroll in a medical transcription course and, along with many other reasons, was why I ultimately chose CanScribe.

Kristina Hobson, 2016 Graduate

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