Taking the course of medical transcriptionist at CanScribe was truly the best decision I could have ever made.  It was an amazing course that gave me every example of what I might face in the real world, so it did challenge me, but that was a good thing.  My instructors were amazing, so helpful, kind, and patient.  As soon as I graduated, I literally had a job offer the next week.  When companies see that I graduated from CanScribe, they are very impressed by that.  A lot of companies have a lot of respect for CanScribe and look forward to hiring graduates from the college, at least from my experience.  I literally just got hired for another transcriptionist position as of yesterday, and again, CanScribe played a huge roll in that.  Not only do I work as a transcriptionist, I also work for the college itself as an educational assistant, which I am so grateful for.   What more could I ask for than the opportunity to work for the college that helped me so much along the way, and changed my life?  Thanks CanScribe for everything.

Harjeet Mukkar, CanScribe Educational Assistant and 2013 Graduate

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