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Angela Havey
Angela Havey
00:49 01 Feb 17
Enrol with confidence!! I spent a lot of time and effort researching CanScribe and several other colleges offering a Healthcare Documentation course. I am convinced that I made the best choice with CanScribe. I am well into the course now, and I am happy to say that it is going well. I have had occasion to receive assistance from admissions staff, technical support, and instructors. All have have been very professional and helpful. There is no need to be concerned about feeling alone or isolated because of it being an online course. The staff is definitely there to help!
05:01 26 Feb 17
I am only a month into my program and the instructors have been amazing checking in with me to see how things are going and to see if I need any help. The enrolment staff was very pleasant and helpful while registering. I would recommend CanScribe to anyone looking for a new career wanting to work from home
Darcy M
Darcy M
18:01 09 Mar 17
Canscribe Career College has been great to deal with so far! Every staff member and instructor that I have dealt with are always more than willing to help me out! The course is well designed and very easy to follow. I highly recommend Canscribe if you are looking into the Medical Transcription field.
Kori Hartwick
Kori Hartwick
17:47 26 Jan 17
So far everything is great. The signup was simple and straight forward, the staff are all eager to help, and the course material has all been easy to understand. Looking forward to the rest of my course.
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Although it may seem like a long and frustrating journey, the skills you will acquire from the CanScribe Medical Transcription Course, will serve you well in your future endeavors. Every day provides new information, as well as repetitive reminders which will soon become second nature as you hear each new dictation. The first day as an MT/HDS can be overwhelming, but maintain the confidence in yourself, and learn from your mistakes. Review your feedback often, and make notes to enhance your learning. You will be rewarded greatly!

Rhonda Leibel, February 2016

I started my course on November 17th 2014, and graduated on September 17th 2015, this possible with great discipline and willpower. I know that at the beginning it seemed impossible that by the end of it you would become an MT, but it happened! I was pleased to find out that I would be followed step-by-step by instructors, always available to give me advice and encouragement. Taking the course was a dream-come-true for me, being always interested in medicine. I found a job within 24 hours, yes, seriously, and I could not be happier of the choice I made. If you have a longing for learning, if you are curious, if you have thirst for knowledge, this course is for you. The only advice I can give you is: When doing your tests and exams, aim for the highest grade, and if possible, even later in the course, go back and do again your tests and quizzes, it will not be a waste of time. Also M*Modal is a good company, always ready to help you and give you advice when needed. In short, GO FOR IT! You will not regret it.

Maria Lucia Raffinatore, January 2016

It has been a long journey for me since I started CanScribe’s Medical Transcription program. It took me two years to finally complete this up-to-date and well-structured program. In the process of learning, I have encountered tremendous difficulties from my personal life, the issues with my computer, and the learning itself. But thanks to the instructors and staff and the fellow students from CanScribe for their help and support, I have finally completed the program and landed a job with a great company and doing something that I really love to do.

Right after my graduation, I sent out 3 applications and was accepted by all 3 companies. I am currently working at M*Modal, under a mentor program which gives me a real world working experience. I am still having some difficulties in my work and learning a lot of new things, but I am working hard and trying to improve my skills as a MT, and I do believe that with a passion and determination and the training, I will be a successful MT someday.

Li Cullen, February 2016

I am a single mother who needed a job that would be flexible, yet provide a reasonable amount of income to support my family.

I heard about medical transcription and did my research on it. I will be honest, I became so discouraged by a lot of negative feedback (it does not pay well and the companies are unfair). Well, I have to say that I am so glad that I did NOT listen to all the negative feedback and decided to take the course with CanScribe. This profession is perfect for me. I have been working as a Medical Transcriptionist for 2 years and I absolutely love it. I was hired within 5 days of handing out my resume (1.5 weeks after graduating). The way it works for me is that I dictate my own income based on the amount of reports I do. Yes, I am paid cents per minute, but I still determine how much I can make based on how many hours a day I put in. Taking the course through CanScribe was easy for me and I felt supported at all times. All the instructors were knowledgeable, very patient, and encouraging. Do I feel that the course prepared me to be an excellent Medical Transcriptionist? Yes! The transition was quite easy. I am so happy I took the plunge and put my trust in the instructors at CanScribe, because I am now employed and loving what I do.

Carolyn Corbie, February 2016

As a newcomer to Canada, I was going through a period of immense change when I thought of Home-based medical transcription as a good employment option. This was almost couple of years ago. With no network where I could get recommendations from, I had to rely on internet forums to find the best training school which would help bring my goal within reach. After researching all the available forums and understanding how different schools work, I zeroed in on CanScribe one lucky afternoon. As I had undergone an on-site Medical Transcription training in India a decade back, I thought I knew what to expect. I had no clue this would be so intense and focused. Each and every report I transcribed taught me something new. I was exposed to dictators with so many different accents, medical terminology, and grammar and formatting rules every day, in every report. Along with this, my eyes and ears were trained slowly but surely. I had help every step of the way, over phone, online. The amazing training staff were there to clarify and support throughout.

With no network in this field, I was worrying about how I would find a job. As soon as I successfully completed my final examination, I started getting emails from the Student Support Services about openings, and I applied to a couple of well-known companies. One week to the day that I passed my final exam – with Honors – I got my first job via telephone interview with a leading Transcription Service Provider. I am very happy to say I love my job as a home-based transcriptionist. I find my work challenging and satisfying. I am grateful to CanScribe for paving my way to a dream job.

Seetha, August 2015

CanScribe was one of the best decisions I have made so far in my Career! Everyone at the school is very helpful and encouraging. The bonus for me was the ability to take this course all from home and on my own time, especially with having a young child and working part-time. The course is laid out really well and I had no issues following the outline. The year went by very quickly and within a week of graduating I was hired and had the awesome opportunity to work from home. I would defiantly recommend taking this course through CanScribe.

Kimberly Dueck, July 2015

I would highly recommend CanScribe Career College. The instructors are available daily, student services are pretty much instantaneous in getting back to you with any concerns, and even the odd time that I needed IT help, I had it within minutes. The course itself is interesting, challenging, and never boring. I feel completely ready to enter the MT workplace, and with the training that I received through CanScribe, I have no doubt that I will be successful. Thank you very much to everyone at the college who helped me along the way!

Terry Cowen, July 2015

When I was trying to decide which school to take my training in, I was most impressed with CanScribe because of the willingness to let me ask any questions I wanted. No question was a bad question. Once I started the course, I was impressed that not only was the course intense and full of valuable information, but there was always someone to encourage me and help me with any question I had. I would highly recommend CanScribe to anyone who is looking to take a Medical Transcription course. This course really has changed my life, and it can change yours, too.

Bertha Wiebe, June 2015

“Canscribe Career College was an excellent choice for my return to professional development in the Medical Transcription industry. I was able to improve my portfolio and continue to support myself financially, which was my biggest concern and the key obstacle to accessing further education. Thanks to Canscribe and their team of dedicated individuals I am now a successful graduate with a newly found confidence and focus on continuing to improve and build on my education.”

 Monica Smith, MT Graduate, February 2015

“After working in the advertising industry for over 30 years, I decided to change my career into something that I was always passionate for – medicine. After much research, I decided to make the leap into medical transcription, and that was when I discovered CanScribe. The course is extremely intriguing and challenging – determination, focus, and hard work is a must. I cannot thank CanScribe enough – the experience has been most rewarding. I received a full-time contract even before writing my final exam!”

 Kathryn F, MT Graduate, February 2015

“Way back at the beginning of my journey I tried to make sure that I looked into which school would be best. I had family and friends question why I would go to an online school and not to a brick and mortar type school locally, but this did not fit my current situation. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished school to be told my numerous recruiters that they specifically look for people who have finished the CanScribe program because there is already a proven history of graduates being self-directed with their work. Without a boss or teacher checking in on you to make sure you are completing your work you need to be accustomed to pushing yourself to get your work done.

When my 3rd child was 6 months old I looked at the cost of putting 3 kids into daycare and how much I would be left with at the end of the month. It was a bleak situation and I was honestly worried on how our family of 5 would survive on 1 income. Initially I planned to do this for just a couple of years and then return to my previous job field, but after working for a few months I think transcribing will be my job for a long while. I simply would not find a job that provides the flexibility I am currently given.

Thanks again to Canscribe for all your support and help throughout my education.”

 Nicole Thomas, MT Graduate, July 2014

“Throughout my complete training as a medical transcriptionist at CanScribe, I cannot say enough about the instructors. They were excellent and always available for any problems encountered. They were always understanding. At first I felt as though the chat sessions were probably not very useful, but I would encourage everyone to attend as many as they can. When others are having the same problems as you are, it is always a benefit to hear how other students and the instructors solve these problems.

I had previously taken a short medical transcription course online (about 3 months), and it was useful; but, not nearly as thorough and comprehensive and diverse as the training from CanScribe and with so much backup from instructors. I went from the ordinary CanScribe dictation platform to the Emdat platform in order to get the feel of other platforms. So the training was very diverse in what one could expect in the real world. You will never get that kind of treatment at any other company other than at CanScribe. They will always be there to help with computer problems, tests and other issues. Fabulous school and money well spent. I am sure that even when I decide on a company, CanScribe will be right there to guide me over the hurdles.”

 Shirley Cornish, MT Graduate, August 2014

“I had the most amazing experience with CanScribe. I came in to the program needing a brand new career where I could work from home and support my young son at the same time. My medical knowledge was negligible when I began this journey and I was very intimidated by what I was going to have to do. I spoke to the school before I began and all the support staff and instructors were incredible and supportive from the very first contact to my graduation and beyond! I loved every minute of the course and any time I needed help, support, or just a friendly reminder that I was doing okay, the school was there for me. This course encompasses everything I could have asked for and more. Upon completion, I was hired within the first week when my company saw I had graduated from CanScribe. I am now employed in a career I love with the flexibility I needed and, most importantly, the confidence to exceed even my own expectations of what I am capable of.”

 Leah Fisher, High Honors Graduate, June 2014


“With CanScribe’s online MT program I was able to work comfortably at home at my own pace while still having very easy access to teachers, IT and support staff if an issue arose. Their experienced teachers are such amazing resources. The course material, chapter quizzes, tests and webinars were very informative and fun. Sample dictations were very true to the actual working world of the MT. Putting Canscribe Honors Graduate on my resume opened up every door and job offers arrived in multiples (no interview), which clearly demonstrates the continued demand for qualified Medical Transcriptionists. I love going to work every day (from home) and I have a career I am proud of. ”

 Kimberley Proctor, Honors Graduate, May 2014

“There are so many doors and opportunities that open for medical transcriptionists. I was looking for an option to provide an income for my husband and I to escape Canadian winters. The CanScribe MT course has provided that. I found the course challenging but not overwhelming; interesting each step of the way with course material that built up my skills in a logical, rewarding way. For me, the two greatest features of this journey were that I was able to work at my own pace and that I found the perfect job before I even had my certificate! ”

 Deborah Johnson, Honors Graduate, April 2014

“I never felt satisfied in the working world, always feeling as though all I had was a job- not a career. Being a stay-at-home Mom was something I wanted to do when my daughter was born, but that did not work for my family…until the day I found the CanScribe advertisement in my local paper. I tore out the ad, and thought about it for a few days before finally deciding to pick up the phone and actually call. I was so excited to get right to applying as soon as I got off the phone. I was accepted in, and was so happy that I was able to do something that excited me, as well as interested me.

The entire staff of CanScribe, from instructors to IT staff, were absolutely amazing, and continue to be amazing even after graduation. I was chosen for a contract with Accentus before my practicum was even complete, something I was not expecting to happen so quickly. I owe my success to CanScribe, were it not for the outstanding training and the support from the instructors I received, I might still be plugging away in the regular 9-5 grind. I am honored and proud to call myself a CanScribe graduate and alumni, and even happier to be able to tell others about my career- not just another job. I very much recommend CanScribe to anyone who is seeking excellent training and education to be able to be a part of the interesting, ever-changing field of Medical Transcription. Thank you for everything CanScribe!”

 Kathryn Free, Honors Graduate, May 2014

“I was stuck in the low-wage sector of employment for many years and was discovering that even these jobs were becoming harder to obtain due to continuing changes in the economy. I made up my mind that as an ‘older’ worker I could no longer accept that as my only employment option. The idea of Medical Transcription just came to me one day as something to look into. After some research that included talking with recruitment officers of transcription service providers, it was obvious that CanScribe was the school of choice. I accepted a job offer from the company I completed my practicum with and started before I even graduated. It is very satisfying to have a meaningful job that rewards with something new every day. Thank you CanScribe for providing the foundation to build a career. ”

 Christine Cooper, Honors Graduate, July 2014

“Enrolling with CanScribe was the best decision I could have made as a stay-at-home mom. I love the freedom of being able to work from home and still be available to my family. The program was challenging yet interesting, and all the staff and instructors with CanScribe are amazing. They truly want to see you succeed and will go above and beyond to help you reach your goal!

Having been out of the workforce for 7 years, I was thrilled when I was offered jobs with 4 different companies within 48 hours of graduating! I am now working steadily from home and sincerely enjoying my job!”

 Katie Cruickshank, MT Graduate, March 2014

“When I first decided to go back to school, there were a few things for me to consider…I have 2 children and I wanted to do something that would allow me to be here for my kids. I was always interested in the medical field and I knew that Medical Transcriptionists can work from home. Going back to school, especially when you have children, is never easy; but when I enrolled with CanScribe the process was so effortless. I can honestly say the staff there are amazing and I never felt alone throughout my entire study period. Any questions that I had, they were always there to answer me and help me. The instructors are amazing, they really do take the time to talk to you and help you understand things. I would like to share my great experience with everyone, I am proud to say I am a Medical Transcriptionist who is now working from home. I could not have asked for better training then what I got through CanScribe. They are very well-recognized in the industry, and I feel that when looking for a school you want that, you want a school that is recognized and respected. My experience with CanScribe was five star and I cannot thank them enough.”

 Rita Fidanza, Honors Graduate, March 2014

“I would absolutely recommend the CanScribe Medical Transcription course to anyone thinking of pursuing a career in the MT field. I found the course to be very detailed and the instructors very helpful and informative. Yes, the course was tough, but would it be worth taking if it was too easy? I cannot imagine being able to find a better training course anywhere! Also, I was only half way through my practicum when I was contacted by a recruiter and offered a contract for employment. Thank you CanScribe for being a part of my new career decision… Best decision I ever made!”

 Renee Coughlin, Honors Graduate, January 2014

“I used to commute 1.5 hours each day, and always wished I could work from home. Well, I must say, I am so happy I took the MT course with CanScribe Career College. The curriculum had us transcribing reports very early on, which gave us “Oh so many hours” of transcription experience. The staff were great and always willing to listen. About 3-4 months in, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed and was second guessing my career change. After venting with an instructor, looking at my accomplishments and how far I had come in such a short time, she definitely inspired me to persevere.

With much determination I carried on and never looked back. In hindsight, I can’t say enough about the encouragement I received from the CanScribe staff. By the end of the course I was confident and feeling well prepared for my practicum and future employment. As a matter of fact, near the end of my practicum I was offered a contract to start work as soon as my final exams were complete. The company mentioned that they always consider students from CanScribe due to the thorough training package. What a great way to end my MT course! It was a challenging course, but well worth the effort. I am now an independent contractor, working from home AND I can choose my own hours, day or night. I am just so pleased the way everything turned out.”

 Karen Talkington, High Honors Graduate, January 2014

“I must say that I cannot put into words the feeling of accomplishment and pride I felt after graduating from CanScribe. Not only did I learn so much, I proved to myself that I have the determination and dedication to work from home. Did I find some things challenging? Of course I did, but that is what made it that much more satisfying in the end. All of the instructors and staff at CanScribe are AMAZING!!

I found the course to be very informative and easy to follow. The best part of it all was when I graduated and, I kid you not, three days later I was employed in the career that I had just spent so much time and effort working to get to! That’s right, THREE DAYS and I had a job. The company that I am currently working for saw CanScribe on my resume and called right away, no real interview, and said “with an education from CanScribe we are more than confident that you are prepared and ready to get right into the industry!” I should also tell you that because of CanScribe they waived their mandatory 3-5 years experience when hiring.

Making the call to CanScribe to inquire about furthering my education was the BEST call I have ever made! It has put me in the position that I always wanted to be in! I make my own hours, I am constantly learning as the medical field is changing and advancing every day. CanScribe prepared me for my dream career and I will forever be grateful!”

 Crystal Nicoll, Honors Graduate, January 2014

“I was facing many changes in my life, and I wanted a career that gave me the ability to spend time with my family. Being a military wife, I needed a job that could travel with me. A friend of mine mentioned transcription work, and after doing some research we found out about CanScribe. It sounded like a great opportunity, especially since I knew that we would be moving soon to an area where job prospects were not great. I needed a career path that would allow me to complete the schooling and start working shortly after we moved. CanScribe gave me that opportunity.

I enrolled and applied, and received a military scholarship through CanScribe. It gave me hope for the future and opened me up to possibilities that I might not have otherwise had. I can be home with my children when they are sick or have time off school! My CanScribe education opened many doors and offered opportunities that I might not have gotten at another school. Many places hear the name “CanScribe” and they get back to you right away about starting work because they know you have obtained outstanding education. I was employed by Accentus within a week and a half after I graduated! I am so glad that I made this decision and I encourage others who are looking for a fulfilling career to consider CanScribe; you could be part of this rewarding journey as well.”

 Pheonex Lutzko, CanScribe Graduate, January 2014

“I was a stay at home mom whose children were at school all day so I was looking for something that I could do from home and work the hours that worked best for my family. I have three busy children in all sorts of activities and I was not ready to stop being part of all of that. I had heard of transcription through friends. Many had done that as our husbands’ careers have taken us to places where regular employment has not always been available. I thought this was a good time in my life to try something for myself. I had no training whatsoever in transcription or the medical field. This was totally out of my comfort zone but from the first inquiry up until the last exam I was overwhelmed with the support and encouragement. There was never any question too silly or any frustration too small.

I recommend CanScribe to anyone who will listen. The knowledge I have gained through my training with CanScribe has been invaluable and I am pleased to say that I was hired right away and working for a company that I love. The fact that this company was hiring was brought to my attention by CanScribe, so I have them to thank for that. My life has greatly improved since my training with CanScribe. It has given me a confidence that I never had. Thank you to all the wonderful instructors.”

 Teresa Stoughton, Honors Graduate, January 2014

“In the summer, the company that I had worked for 21+ years was downsizing.  At that time, I started planning for my next career.  I was researching to do a course that would help me work from home and, at the same time, provide an engaging and lasting career.  Given the statistics on a worldwide ageing population, Medical Transcription appeared to be the right career choice. My quest led me to quite a few colleges offering the Medical Transcription Program.  However, the one that stood out was CanScribe Career College, because of the unique Practicum offered to students upon successful completion of the course.  I signed up for it, and here is what I experienced.

The Medical Transcription Program offered by CanScribe was set up perfectly.  It was a very exciting and challenging course, very demanding, and very rewarding.   It was an opportunity to learn something new every day.  I got immediate results on my report submissions, as well as tests and term exams.  Student-friendly chat sessions and forums were available, where I could interact with other students and learn from my peers.   The Instructors were very experienced and extremely helpful.  They were always very encouraging and supportive, and they constantly inspired me to stay on track to reach my goal. At the end of the course, the Practicum provided an opportunity to transcribe “real life” reports and get immediate feedback from an experienced and dedicated Instructor/ QA.  This support mechanism will continue to be available to me for as long as I need it.  That is just priceless!

I found out early in the program that CanScribe was well recognized in the medical transcription field, and when I experienced this, the effect on me was just overwhelming. I was amazed that just a few days after I completed my Practicum and submitted my application to one of the largest Medical Transcription Service Providers, I received an immediate response.   I was offered a contract the same day; I signed it and got my first job as a medical transcriptionist!  That was awesome! Thanks so much to the Admissions Manager for convincing me into signing up for this program.  Thanks to everyone in Student Services as well for all the support, help and advice throughout the course. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Instructors who were constantly available to provide invaluable guidance and advice. More importantly, I offer my sincere thanks to the outstanding Instructor who was my QA during the Practicum.  She encouraged, instructed, advised, and guided me through the period when I did my final examination, and all through the Practicum. Thank you all for helping me successfully launch my new career.”

Jo Mani, High Honors Graduate, June 2013