CanScribe has greatly changed my life. I was looking for a career change and was introduced to the MT industry by my sister-in-law, a 20+ year MT. She insisted that if I decided to pursue this career that I enroll with CanScribe, the most highly recommended accredited career college for this industry. After doing extensive research, I did just that, I enrolled with CanScribe. I began the course in December 2004 and 9 months later graduated with high honours. Since then, I worked for numerous clinics in Canada, the United States, and England. I also worked as a QA editor and team leader for various MTSOs. When a QA position became available with CanScribe in 2009, I applied for that and have been working with this great college ever since.

I have seen many wonderful upgrades and changes to the MT/HDS program in the 9+ years I have been here, with yet more upgrades coming up in the near future. I have come full circle with CanScribe having been a student, graduate, QA editor, instructor, lead instructor, and now instructional department manager. CanScribe has given me the opportunity to take numerous courses to help me improve upon my personal and professional skills and goals. I truly believe that anyone who is interested in the medical transcription industry should seriously consider taking the CanScribe MT/HDS program. This is a wonderful college that ensures students get all the assistance and support they require both during the program as well as in the working environment.

Deb Albert-Palmer, CanScribe Lead Instructor and 2006 Graduate

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