7 Tips for Surviving Summer as a Student


Now that the school year has come to end, most students are free to enjoy long hot days spent poolside or at the beach. But for adults, June, July, and August no longer mean freedom and fun; there’s just no such thing as summer vacation (unless you’re a teacher!).

We at CanScribe know how hard it is to focus on your training during this time of year. Here are some ways you can survive as a student this summer.

  1. Set reasonable goals.

Keep the word reasonable in mind; make sure to get your work done but give yourself enough time to enjoy the day. Work on setting SMART goals to keep you on track while ensuring you schedule in time to enjoy the weather with family and friends. Finished a chapter? Get a high grade on a test? Go ahead and take a break to enjoy some beautiful summer weather.

  1. Maintain balance.

This is paramount, especially with younger children; make sure that you have time to enjoy the sunshine while still dedicating the right amount of time to your course. This takes some careful planning and dedication. Maintaining a good balance between the three will allow for equilibrium at home.

  1. Get an early start.

Is your family keeping you distracted? Dedicate time to work on the course after they go to bed or very early in the morning. Try getting up with the sun and cherish the quiet moments to yourself. Getting things done at either the beginning or end of the day means you’ll have the entire afternoon to spend at the beach.

  1. Network with other students that are a positive influence on your study schedule.

Create relationships just as you would in a classroom with other students in the course. These people can help motivate you and help you when you need that extra helping hand. If you think you are alone in the struggle, just reach out! There are student forums available for you to connect with others, as well as Facebook groups filled with students just like yourself. The team at CanScribe is also here to support you!

  1. Turn your phone off during study time.

Technology can be a huge distraction for everyone in today’s world. Cell phones, tablets, and other technologies can tempt you to “just check one little thing” but that little thing turns into three hours of scrolling through your Facebook feed and getting lost in YouTube videos.

  1. Use a consistent place to study.

Just like any job, it’s important to create habits in your workspace. These habits allow you to get settled in and focused on the task at hand. Having a specific space dedicated to work will help curb those distractions. Better yet, choose a bright space so that you can still soak up some sunshine while at your desk.

  1. Review regularly.

Reviewing your work is crucial to success. Whether it’s homework, a test or a dictation, it’s always a great idea to check your work. We all make mistakes, but we can usually catch these mistakes with a little bit of extra time spent reviewing our work. Ensuring your work is correct means you won’t have to worry about uncaught errors and time spent trying to fix them. Take some time to review your work so that you can relax!

Staying on track with your course timeline can help you to enjoy the summer months with a clear conscience. Student support is available to you Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST. You can also reach us toll-free at 1-800-466-1535 or through Live Chat. We would be happy to work out a timeline with you in order to complete your training program so you can start working on a great career in Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation!