Setting Goals For Your Week


Staying in control of your studies requires you to set goals on a regular basis. For example, setting goals at the beginning of the week, for that week, will allow you to stay on top of what tasks need to be completed during that timeline. It is this control that will allow you to avoid the stress of falling behind and letting your studies dictate how you live your life.

In order to be effective in setting weekly goals you need to have a designated time slot every week in which you know you will be reviewing the assignments, curriculum, part-time job shifts, etc. that will be happening that week. For example, sit down every Sunday evening and go through what needs to take place that week. Remember, if you are working on a goal that may take weeks to complete, break it down into tasks to keep you on track. Just be aware of your procrastination habits and make sure that your schedule is not designed to assist these habits.

Now that you are ready to start setting goals for your week, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  1. Print out or have a calendar in front of you that you can write all appointments, deadlines, and commitments in.
  2. Make sure your weekly goals take into consideration course deadlines and minimum requirements.
  3. Be sure to make goals that push you, and that they don’t assist you in procrastinating.
  4. Have your curriculum open in front of you to ensure you are staying on track.
  5. Pick a day that always works to review what you have achieved and to plan for the following week. Remember, don’t be afraid to reward yourself for completing the tasks that needed to be done.

On your review day, take note of the reasons why certain tasks that did not get completed. You might just be surprised at the patterns that arise and what exactly is keeping you from staying motivated. Understand that life is not a perfect schedule, If something comes up and you have to readjust, that’s OK. You have the freedom to move your goals around as long as they continue to be completed at the weeks end.

Being successful will require you to roll with the punches. To pick yourself up when obstacles, adversities or unexpected events get in your way. Stay calm and keep an eye on your weekly goals. You just might be surprised at how much you can accomplish in the span of seven days.