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28 Week* Hands-On Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant Program

If you’re thinking about training for some kind of office-related career, now is a great time to consider getting the skills to be an Administrative Assistant or – even better, if you want to work from home – a Virtual Assistant. And CanScribe Career College is a designated college you want for a quality program. This virtual assistant program will help you create a new future!

One of the greatest advantages of working as an Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant is that you can work in any industry! Your skills are transferable from one industry to another, which is great for job security.

Whether you want to work for an automotive dealership, in a lawyers office, or in the real estate industry—the choice is yours! Becoming an Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant gives you the flexibility to find the right company to suit your needs.

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CanScribe Career College is the Right Place for Training

✓  Our Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant Program is the only one recommended by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) to prepare for the CAP exam.
✓  The program sets you up for entry into mid-level administrative positions immediately after graduation.
✓  You have 28 weeks to complete the program (extensions may be available) and you can study in the privacy of your own home or learn on campus.
✓  You can be ready to start your new career in just over half a year (sooner if you have previous experience and fasttrack).

Why Train to be an Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant?

The number one reason for developing this program was that employers were asking us for a program that teaches the fundamentals of an office job. Many people believe that AAs are simply receptionists and that they just need to know how to answer a phone, and this is simply untrue.

This program was designed according to recommendations from industry experts for training that will allow new graduates to successfully enter the workforce.

Having comprehensive training in Microsoft Office, Windows, Bookkeeping, and Project Management (among other things) can greatly improve your employability. Having these skills, and proof that you got them from a thorough training program, can put you at the top of the hiring list.

CanScribe prepares you for an at-home career as a Virtual Assistant or an on-site career as an Administrative Assistant
Canscribe is a fantastic school. I love all the instructors and staff that I had contact with. They were all very understanding when I inevitably could not figure out where to put that ridiculous comma! I have noticed since graduating from the program that they have added some exercises that I wish had been there when I was enrolled. That shows me that they are all committed to maintaining high standards and making sure that all grads are prepared appropriately for graduation.
I found it very easy to transition from student to employee. I thank the school for ensuring that I was prepared for that. Don’t get discouraged. It really does get easier. Have a great time!
Paloma Wood, 2016 Graduate


  • Duties that revolve around administrative support and reception duties
  • Efficient management of office operations
  • Organizing meetings, appointments, and meeting minutes
  • Maintaining contact lists and producing correspondence
  • Producing reports and maintaining records
  • Development and maintenance of filing systems
  • Basic bookkeeping and accounting skills
  • Marketing and event planning basics
  • Time management skills
  • Grammar and communication in business
  • Booking travel
  • The role of the Administrative/Virtual Assistant in today’s industry
  • Career development
  • Text expansion software
  • Human Resources

Chapter 1: Introduction
This chapter in the Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant program introduces the key concepts within the program and teaches students about the new career they are embarking on.

Chapter 2: Daily Routine and Office Equipment
In this chapter, students will learn the basics of creating an office routine and the importance of keeping consistency in it. Along with this, students will learn about different office equipment that is most commonly used in an office space.

Chapter 3: Computer Fundamentals
In this chapter, the student will learn the basics of keyboarding techniques to ensure proper typing form is kept. Students will also learn about the basic computer components and the terminology surrounding them. Students will also learn about Windows and Macintosh systems along with how to transcribe audio.

Chapter 4: Microsoft Office
In this robust chapter, students will have the choice between Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2016. Students will learn how to use the most common Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Students will also learn about online Microsoft products.

Chapter 5: Online Applications and Cyber Security
The purpose of this chapter is to teach students the basics of online security. Ensuring that your computer is safe from outside intruders is crucial in today’s online world.

Chapter 6: Office Ergonomics
Chapter 6 in the Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant program will teach students about the science of designing a workspace to be both as safe and productive as possible. This chapter touches on reducing muscular-skeletal issues one may face while working in an office or at home.

Chapter 7: Keeping Accurate Records
In this chapter, students will learn how to maintain, store, and keep accurate records. Students will investigate confidentiality, centralized and decentralized filing systems and much more.

Chapter 8: Grammar and Style
This chapter is meant to both refresh students on English and grammar skills that may have been lost over the years. Students will learn about proper sentence structure, punctuation, and sound alike words; among other things.

Chapter 9: Business Writing and Legal Documents
This chapter is designed to teach students how to properly formulate business documents and to teach students about the basics of legal documents. Ensuring legal and business documents are properly managed is an important role both Administrative Assistants and Virtual Assistants play in the working world.

Chapter 10: Mailing and Shipping
As a result of completing this chapter, students will understand the most common ways to ship, and how to adequately ship business documents. This chapter also teaches students about converting weights and measurements from imperial to metric systems.

Chapter 11: Booking Travel
This chapter teaches students how to book travel for company partners and employees. Administrative Assistants and Virtual Assistants play an important role in ensuring the correct people are traveling at the right time and to the right place.

Chapter 12: Effective Communication
In this chapter, students will learn how to communicate with others. This involves public speaking and listening skills. Your career as an Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant may involve speaking to employees, company partners and clients, so gaining an understanding of effective communication can improve your employability.

Chapter 13: Meetings and Time Management
Administrative Assistants / Virtual Assistants are often involved in numerous meetings weekly, and this chapter is designed to teach students about meetings and how to properly take meeting minutes. This chapter provides students with a text expander to help increase typing speeds as well as teaching students about time management.

Chapter 14: Accounting
This chapter plays an important role for those students wanting to become a Virtual Assistant and work as an entrepreneur or contractor. This chapter will also help those wanting to become an Administrative Assistant work with the accounting and bookkeeping team. This chapter teaches students the fundamentals of accounting and how to use the Sage Accounting software.

Chapter 15: Human Resources
This chapter teaches students the basic components of Human Resources and how to best manage employees. Students will learn about recruitment, retention, discipline and how to keep employees happy.

Chapter 16: Marketing
The marketing chapter in this program teaches students about managing social media platforms and how to target the correct clients. Students will gain insight into Google AdWords, landing pages and tracking leads.

Chapter 17: Event Planning
In this chapter, students will learn how to plan an event and how to manage projects. Administrative Assistants / Virtual Assistants are often involved in planning events such as Christmas parties and staff events. Gaining an understanding of how to manage a project will help the student successfully transition into a new career.

Chapter 18: Career Development
In this final chapter, students will learn about gaining employment. This includes how to write a resume and cover letter and how interviews are designed. Students will learn about online and in person interviews and how to stand above the crowd in the eyes of the employer.

Chapter 19: Final Exam

— For complete curriculum AA/VA program details, read this document. —


The CanScribe Career College Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant program tuition includes everything you need to launch a career as an administrative professional. This includes your textbook, word expansion software and lifetime resume and cover letter assistance.

The cost of the program is only $3995.00, all-inclusive. There are several different payment plans to choose from. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, certified cheques, and money orders.

Registration Fee:$250.00
Tuition Fee:$3528.00
FastFox Text Expander:$182.00
IAAP Membership:$35.00


Registration Fee:$250.00
Tuition Fee:$3528.00
FastFox Text Expander:$182.00
IAAP Membership:$35.00
eBook Upgrade:$500.00
All-in-One Discount:-$100.00


3 Months – No Upgrades

$1500 down and 2 equal payments of $1297.50 (includes a $100 processing fee)

6 Months – No Upgrades

$1500 down and 5 equal payments of $539 (includes a $200 processing fee)


If you take the program on campus, everything is provided.

If you take the program as distance learning, this program is designed to be completed on Microsoft Windows or MacOS. This program does have a focus on Microsoft training as Windows and other Microsoft products are predominantly used in the office world. There are sections of the program that will teach you about MacOS; however, there is a strong focus on those applications you will be using in the working world the majority of the time.

We also recommend that you use the latest version of either Firefox or Chrome as your browser for Windows.

Do you have Adobe Flash Version 7 or greater? Find out and download the latest version here.


It is recommended that you have high speed internet access. This is not a requirement to take the program , but if you are interested in working from home, all employers require high-speed Internet. This means you have a download speed of 15 megabits per second and an upload speed of 5 megabits per second.

How much can I earn as an Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant?

Glassdoor estimates that the Canadian national average in Canada for an Administrative Assistant is around $44,000 per year. They also estimate that you can earn between $30,000 and $57,000 which is dependant on your training and experience levels. As you gain more experience you can move into the Executive Assistant role, which has a median salary of $54,000 and a range between $37,000 and $84,000.

Virtual Assistants are more often paid hourly as contractors working from home. Payscale estimates the median hourly wage for a VA is around $20.00 per hour. The range varies between $13.70 and $34.77 per hour. Similar to that of an Administrative Assistant, the more experience and training you have, the more you can earn!

United States
Payscale states that the median hourly wage for an Administrative Assistant is around $15.00 with an average range between $11.44 and $21.36 per hour.

Virtual Assistants earn a median hourly wage of $15.80 as reported by Payscale. They also have an average range between $10.16 and $29.84. With more training and experience, the more potential for growth you have!

How do I find employment as a Virtual Assistant?
There are many ways to find employment or contract work as a Virtual Assistant. Many VAs find work through websites such as UpWork, a website designed to help connect companies to Virtual Assistants looking for freelance work. Other companies include FancyHands, AssistantMatch, Zirtual, Virtual Gal Friday and Worldwide 101 just to name a few.

Another great way to find work contract work is to leverage your network and find “friends of friends” who are looking for assistance at their company. Going this route you can create your own company and become an entrepreneur! You can even hire other Virtual Assistants to complete work for you on a contract or employment basis as you grow your company.

Can I write off home supplies as expenses while working from home?
Yes! This is one of the many perks you have access to as a Virtual Assistant who works from home! You can write off part of your lease/rent, internet, paper, pens, office supplies, and even part of your cell/home phone bills. This helps you save money on your taxes every year!

What kind of assistance do you offer graduates?
We are very proud to offer unlimited resume and cover letter assistance to our AA/VA graduates. After graduation, you can come back to CanScribe and we will help you reassess your resume and cover letter to ensure you stand out in the interview process! Whether you come back to us 2, 5, 10, or 20 years after graduation, we will be here to help. Unlimited truly means for life!

What’s the Difference Between an Administrative Assistant and a Virtual Assistant?

The most significant difference between the two positions is where you work. Administrative Assistants work in an office, and Virtual Assistants work from home. This program gives you the flexibility to choose one or the other, or do both!

Becoming an Administrative Assistant means you get to

  • go into an office and work with people face-to-face
  • work the coveted 9-to-5 schedule
  • receive extended health benefits

Becoming a Virtual Assistant means you get to

  • choose your hours
  • find the clients you want to work with
  • be your own boss

Is an In-Office or Stay-at-Home Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant Career Right for You? Get More Information…

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A helpful CanScribe Career College Admissions Representative will be happy to answer any questions and can help with everything from career paths to financial aid.

*Program length when completed in normal time