Perks of Open Enrollment


Open Enrollment is the ability to be able to enroll any day of the year, and there are many perks of Open Enrollment that you may have never considered. CanScribe has Open Enrollment to provide students more flexibility in their decision to start school.

September has often been thought of as the month to start school.  September is the month when students all across North America pack their backpacks and head off to classes.

However, there are many advantages to Open Enrollment. Three prevalent ones being flexibility, no rush, and funding.

  1. No Rush

Though September has often been thought of as the month to start school this does not have the case. With Open Enrollment, you have the option to wait until the time is right for you in order to start your schooling. Take your time getting ready to start school, set up your workspace and find the mentality to start studying.

  1. Flexibility

You also have the flexibility to start at any time convenient to you. With many online courses, the introduction and first chapter are the easiest part of the course. Starting in June has the advantage of having a lighter workload throughout the summer and getting into the depths of the course in September.

If you are planning a vacation work your start date around your trip. You have the option to start early and work ahead to take a break during your vacation or even start after your vacation. Want to finish by a certain date? Start now, work hard and finish the course early.

  1. Receiving Funding

September is a time when everyone is going back to school which means that many people are looking for funding and student loans. September and the months leading up to it can be very busy for student loans and funder offices. Choosing a start date that differs from the norm could help to increase your chances of getting the finances from a funder or student loans.

These are a few of the advantages that Open Enrollments offer to students anywhere in the world. Enroll today at CanScribe Career College and pick the start date that works for you!

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