Online College: The Changing Face of Education

Online College the changing face of education

Over the past few decades technology has dramatically changed the way we live our lives. These changes have from how we shop and work; to how we interact socially. Our lives have never been busier! Colleges used to be brick and mortar, but now you can attend an online college.

Fortunately, technology has also produced new ways for us to pursue our educational goals. CanScribe Career College is at the forefront of this changing face of education.

Here are just a few of the most noteworthy benefits of pursuing your academic goals with us.


Learning online with CanScribe Career College offers students an unrivaled opportunity to organize their studies around their existing lives.

No stressful commutes through rush hour traffic to attend crowded classes in cold lecture halls here. However, if you love sitting in traffic, online college might now be for you.

Online learning allows you to build your study schedule around your current life commitments. Setting your own pace enables you to maximize the time available to you to meet your responsibilities and to pursue your studies.


The convenience of online learning with CanScribe is matched only by the flexibility of our program offerings. Your training is available 24/7 because all of your materials are online.

Whether you choose to study Medical Transcription, Healthcare Documentation, Medical Terminology, Administrative Assistant… each program is designed in such a way that students can earn a credential for successful completion in as little as a few months.


At CanScribe, we work closely with our Employment Partners to ensure the best prospects for our students.

Representing the top companies in their fields in Canada, the US, and Australia, our Employment Partners offer our students valuable practical experience through placements and also practicums. Many of our graduates go on to secure employment with our partners as well.

Many of our programs lead to careers that can be done online from home, as well as in more traditional workplaces. Now, not only can you study online, but you could find yourself working online too, discovering work opportunities from around the world.


Above all, support is CanScribe’s main focus. At CanScribe, our Admissions, Student Services Reps, and Instructors offer comprehensive support in the form of helping to secure financial assistance, resume guidance, interview preparation,  placement assistance, and guidance with job searching strategies and leads.

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