Is most medical transcription work being outsourced overseas?


There’s a lot of misinformation running around about most medical transcription work being outsourced overseas. ,  In this blog post, we decided to bust that myth

Dear North American Medical Transcriptionists,  you can rest assured that there is and there always will be a need for qualified local MT professionals.  And here is why:


At first sight, it might seem cheaper to outsource Medical Transcription services abroad. However, in the long run, it does not necessarily pay off.

You see, consistently controlling the quality of reports that have been transcribed overseas is very difficult. Miscommunication, lack of focus and language barriers do not make this process any simpler either.

So even though, overseas Medical Transcriptionists charge less for their services, in the long run, it might not be the most efficient solution.

For that reason, most North American MT companies still prefer to go with local well-trained North American or Australian professionals. The numbers say it all better. This year alone,  top MT Companies asked CanScribe to fill over 1000 positions!

The demand is so high that we can’t keep up with requests from the top MT employers in the industry. So if you are on a hunt for a successful career from home, think about joining an MT profession.

Legal Complications

The distance involved in overseas transcription services can create some legal complications as well.  Sometimes reducing operational cost means sacrificing client’s privacy and that’s not what most of MT companies are willing to do.

The violation of medical privacy is definitely one of the top reasons why local companies prefer not to “offshore” transcription overseas.

In a way, not outsourcing transcriptions overseas decreases the number of potential lawsuits for MT Companies. After, all, it is much easier to control patient’s privacy, when we keep records closer to home.

Speaking of home, due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,  in Canada it’s illegal for local medical records to leave the borders of the country. It means that only people physically located in Canada can transcribe Canadian medical records.  

Privacy and accuracy – these are the two main reasons why North Americal Medical Transcription companies will never outsource assignments overseas. We hope we provided you with some piece of mind.

If you want to take a next step towards having a successful career from home, Medical Transcription might be the option to consider. Contact our Admissions Representatives today to learn how you can start working as a Medical Transcriptionist from home?