Military Families and Medical Transcription


As a mother of a military family, Robin Taylor has faced many of the same difficulties military spouses go through. But through resilience and perseverance, Robin has found success as a Medical Transcription/Healthcare Documentation Specialist. Her hard work has paid off; Robin was the recipient of CanScribe Career College’s 2016 Military Family Member Scholarship. Prior to beginning her training, we spoke with Robin about why she chose to pursue a new career in Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation. This is her story.

What is your personal motivation for applying to become a Medical Transcriptionist / Healthcare Documentation Specialist?

“For more than 15 years I have worked within a variety of positions and departments in local municipal government. Recently I had to leave my employment due to health reasons. While my family has been very supportive of this, I’ve decided it’s now time for me to explore a new career. I’m looking for a career that I will enjoy while helping provide for my family financially. I also want to give our family the flexibility to accommodate my husband’s shift work, military deployments, training and family needs, while still allowing us to have balance between our work and family life.

My husband and I both come from hard working, single parent families and we’ve both struggled to afford post-secondary education. Being from a small town where finding steady, dependable employment was a challenge even after completing post-secondary education. We realized that our education and current employment just wasn’t enough to provide the lifestyle we envisioned for our family. So my husband signed on the dotted line and we became a military family. He was away for military training for over a year while I stayed behind with our two young children before we reunited as a family.

While we continue to make ends meet, we have worked extremely hard to get to where we are today. We try to provide a positive and stable environment for our children, despite our constantly changing military lifestyle.

It is important for me to continue being an example for my children. I want to show them that hard work and dedication are worth the effort, regardless of your situation.”

How will Medical Transcription / Healthcare Documentation training impact your life?

“After exploring other job opportunities, as well as options for training and upgrading my education, I found CanScribe Career College. I am confident the CanScribe Medical Transcription course and employment opportunities that follow will fit what I want in a career. I’ll be able to train and work from home wherever the military takes us while financially providing for my family. These have been deciding factors in choosing to my new career. I’m excited to do something new and challenging,

Training and working from home will allow me to be a constant in my children’s lives while my husband cannot be due to military commitments. This career choice will also allow me to support them in their educational requirements as well as allow time for commitment to their extra-curricular activities.

I am looking forward to this exciting, new opportunity and what the future holds for my career.”

– Robin Taylor

Robin’s ability to push through hard times is truly inspirational. Being a part of a military family comes with many benefits, but it can also be very difficult at times. Families move across the country, making it difficult to find work. It also becomes much more difficult with young children who need to be cared for. Robin has worked her entire life and has striven to be an amazing role model for her children by staying strong and pursing her goals. We are truly inspired here at CanScribe at her work ethic and thank her for allowing us to share her story in the hopes that she can help to inspire you!

As our way of saying thank you for your family’s service, we are proud to offer two annual $1500.00 scholarships exclusively for military families. Interested in applying? Applications are due February 28, 2017. Click here for more information.