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Posted by Chris Stewart on May 21, 2015 in Graduate Testimonials

A job to come home too

As I sit here in my night shirt and slippers and loving what I do, I want to share with you some advantages and disadvantages of working at home.  I have been an MT for 18 years and came home full-time in 2009.  Best decision I ever made.  I love it at home! You are probably thinking, “What makes working at home so great?”

There is no commute time and no traffic.  You just walk out to your office or where you have your work station and voila, you are there! Just think of the money you save on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.  You do not have to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe.  I have been told you should get up and get dressed like you are going to a real job.  I must confess most days I work in my nightshirt or pajamas in the winter and slippers or socks.  That is my wardrobe.

Another thing to consider is when it snows it is hard to travel and sometimes you would miss work.  By working at home, there are no snow days.  You can keep on working, although I admit I would love a snow day now and then!

There can be disadvantages, as well, to working at home.  The one that comes to mind is being disciplined enough to make yourself do your work.  Remember, no work, no pay.  I will admit on rainy days I want to curl up with a good book and not do anything.  On snowy days I love to watch the snow and birds at their feeders.  You cannot do that though.  You have to treat being at home like a job you would leave the house for.

Another down side to working at home are the interruptions by friends and family.  People think because you work at home you can talk on the phone or have visits anytime.  This is not true.  You have to be firm and tell them this is your job, and if you are not working, you will not get paid. Distractions are going to be a big risk with any stay at home job, so we have laid out some good ground rules for how to stay focused in a previous blog article.

Would I ever go back to work in a hospital or clinic? Absolutely not.  Sometimes I miss the interaction with people but you can still interact with your coworkers at home by instant messaging.  I LOVE working at home!

Robin Minter, CHDS, AHDI-F, CMSS

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