How to Increase Production Rate as a Medical Transcriptionist


How to increase production rate as a medical transcriptionist?

That’s the question that experienced Medical Transcriptionists ask themselves all the time.

Especially when they the dreaded typing speed plateau.

In this article, our graduate Catherine Caccavella shares her experience of how she overcame a plateau and increased production rate as a medical transcriptionist

What Catherine found was astonishing! Keep reading!

Tools available to increase the production rate

“Making a decent income with medical transcription depends primarily on the fast, accurate duplication of speech and translating what is heard into symbols that can be read.

There are a lot of tools available to increase the production rate as a medical transcriptionist: text expanders, auto correct, speech recognition software. These corrective measures designed to increase the production rate. By and large, they are very useful.

After reaching a transcription plateau

However, after reaching a transcription plateau of a net speed of 53 wpm and not budging from that no matter how many text expanders I used, I decided to see what my typing speed was without all the additional tools.

I clocked myself at net 57 wpm. I could transcribe faster without autocorrect or text expanders and could transcribe a voice recognition dictation in a faster time than it took to edit a fairly accurate voice recognition dictation.

An online typing training platform was recommended to me by my CanScribe Instructor and I signed on for the basic typing tutorial (it was free after all), the passing grade being 60% accuracy and net 5 wpm.

What I found was astonishing. My little right-hand finger was chronically mixing up the semicolon and apostrophe keys. I had forgotten where the return key was. In twenty years of typing, I had a completely trained in the transposition of the letters u and a, t and h, r and e, g and n.

Shifting to capitalize at the beginning of a sentence was beyond my skill level.  Autocorrect was locking in these errors, and I was losing typing speed autocorrecting autocorrect!

I was losing typing speed autocorrecting autocorrect

I found I could accurately type a one to three syllable word faster than using a one or two letter text expander.  Using these tools over unrecognized errors in my typing skills actually was decreasing my ability to type!
So I do my drills daily. I throw out the text expanders I don’t need. Building on perfect typing skills makes all these tools more effective.

My goal is to be able to accurately type as fast as the dictator can speak.  What’s yours?”

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