How to become a Medical Transcriptionist?


We train our students to stand above the rest, therefore having the appropriate skills before starting the course is a must. Do you have what it takes to become Medical Transcriptionist? Keep reading to learn, what assessments do you need to pass to get into the Medical Transcription Program!

Distance Learning Assessment

Online education gives you so much freedom and flexibility! Having said that, it also takes dedication and excellent self-management skills to learn or earn from home successfully.
Would you feel comfortable studying and working without having a face-to-face interaction with your classmates and instructors? Is working from home really right for you? Do you have excellent time management skills? Is online learning a good fit for you? These are the questions to ask yourself before getting into online schooling.
To help you determine whether online education is right for you, we designed this quick Distance Learning Assessment. This is the very first assessment you will have to complete to become a Medical Transcriptionist. The more honest you are with your answers, the better you will understand whether “learn from home, earn from home” lifestyle fits you.

Computer Skills and Typing Test Assessment

There are a handful of skills that are very important for Medical Transcriptionists. Adequate computer skills and a typing speed are definitely on the top of that list.
You see, Medical Transcription is a production based job, which means that the faster you type, the higher your paycheck would be. Successful Medical Transcription professionals accurately type over 70 words per minute.
To start your training as a Medical Transcriptionist, you should be able to type at least 40 gross words per minute. Gross WPM is a calculation of how many words per minute you can type with no errors.
As you progress through the course, your typing speed, as well as your accuracy, will improve. You will also get an in-depth training on proofreading and will be exposed to the latest technology of MT/HDS Industry.

English Proficiency Assessment

“Let’s eat, grandpa.” or “Let’s eat Grandpa”? Grammar and punctuation matter!  Especially when it comes to important medical records.
In order to understand the language of medicine, Medical Transcriptionists should understand the nuances of English grammar, punctuation, format and medical report formatting.
To be accepted into the MT/HDS course you will need to pass our basic English Grammar assessment.  As you progress through the course, your spelling and punctuation will improve naturally. We will cover basic rules of English grammar and correct word usage in the MT/HDS Course, practice punctuation, learn how to proofread transcribed reports, and correct errors.

Yes, Medical Transcription career delivers what it promises – the potential to make good money while working from home. But we want to be completely honest with you, becoming a Medical Transcriptionist is not that easy! Do you have what it takes to become one? Pass our assessments to find out!

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