How Surrounding Ourselves With Good Company Can Alleviate Stress

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Naturally, social contact is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. The addition of good company in your life can be one of the biggest factors to making us happier, healthier and more productive, making it easier to complete the tasks that need done on a regular basis. But maintaining friendships takes time. We often find ourselves caught up with work deadlines, unwashed dishes, and dropping off the children at soccer practices. However, for the benefit of our own wellbeing, it’s important to sometimes let the little things go to make relationships a priority.

Our family and loved ones for the most part will always be there for us in some capacity, but it’s important to forge healthy relationships that add value and happiness to our lives. Here are some types of people you should surround yourself with to reduce stress:

Good Friends

Studies show that being around a best friend decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Our good friends are usually the people who are most like us; they tend to share the same values, beliefs and disciplines as ourselves. Good friends are the people who know us best and can be a sounding board for when tensions rise and times get tough. They can be some of our biggest comfort when disappointment happens, and they stick with you through the good and the bad.

Good Group Members

Consider creating a group of individuals who are all working towards the same goal. As a student, there are opportunities to connect with other students. Good group members are there to raise you up when you’re falling down or feeling swamped. According to according to Statistic Brain, the leading cause of stress is work related pressures. Make time to create relationships with those you study or work with; you’ll find them to be a great source of support and encouragement when stress levels rise.

Good Mentors

Mentors are those who undoubtedly support you when times get tough. Here at CanScribe, our Instructors, Student Services Representatives, and Career Advisors are committed to seeing you succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you may need it. Remember: it is our goal to be responsible, integral, and considerate to each student, and returning these acts will help us create good mentors for you. Are you a graduate? We’re still here to offer our support. With job placement assistance for life, you can count on us as your mentor.

Although families and loved ones will always be there, challenge yourself to focus on building relationships with your close friends, colleagues and those who are there to support you. The hope of this article is that you can learn to reduce stress by surrounding yourself with good company.